Wheelchairs for Blind People

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Question: I wanted to know if you could suggest a wheelchair or other mobility aid that’s user-friendly for blind people? I’m blind and I’m hoping to get a wheelchair, but I need advice as to which products or manufacturers are more blind-friendly. ~Maria

Nurion Industries manufactures two safety distance devices called the Wheelchair Pathfinder and the Polaron for blind wheelchair users. The Wheelchair Pathfinder is a small box worn around the neck of the wheelchair user. It provides sensor protection in a combination of ultrasound and laser technology that creates 4 to12 feet of protection in front of the user, plus a foot of protection to either side. It detects obstacles, collisions, clears paths, locates doorways and warns of approaching curbs, steps and drop offs. The Polaron uses the same laser and ultrasound technology and can be mounted on to most electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers, or hand-held. For more information on Nurion Industry products visit their website or call them at 610-640-2345.

Click this link to visit the Nurion Industry website: http://www.nurion.net.

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