Vision World Wide

Vision World Wide is a volunteer-operated non-profit organization helping to improve the quality of life of the vision impaired. They function as an information resource for and conduit between the vision impaired and the medical caregiving communities, as a support group, as a consumer protection agency, and as an educational outreach program to help the general public understand issues relating to vision loss.

Vision World Wide has six primary services:

  1. Vision Enhancement, a quarterly journal featuring news, technological and medical developments, and much more information.

  2. Telephone information and referral helplines, available 24 hours a day.

  3. Their website, which contains a lot of information on a variety of topics, relevant news that breaks between Vision Enhancement’s quarterly publication dates, and links to many resources on the web.

  4. Vision E-News, an email distribution list for information.

  5. Free information packets customized to the requester’s needs, they contain information on coping with vision loss, a compilation of articles from state and national resources, pamphlets about various eye diseases and disorders, and articles from Vision Enhancement.

  6. Consumer protection, primarily in the form of product reviews and their vast collection of product information. If a consumer asks about a specific product, they can often provide a review of that product, but they will also provide information about several other product options, allowing the consumer to make an informed decision.

Vision World Wide
5707 Brockton Drive, #302
Indianapolis, IN 46220-5481
Toll Free: 800-431-1739
Phone: 317-254-1332
Fax: 317-251-6588

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