The Victor Victrola and Turtle’s 78 RPM Jukebox

The Victor Victrola Page

Look at how well written their introduction is, they say it all so concisely. It’s amazing!

“This website is dedicated to Victrola Phonographs made by the Victor Talking Machine Company from 1906 through 1929. Victrolas are acoustic phonographs with the sound-reproducing horn “built-in” (internal) to the cabinet. While the earliest phonographs used large external horns to amplify the sound, it was the invention of the internal horn Victrola in 1906 that literally launched the phonograph into millions of homes. No longer was the phonograph a strange machine with a huge horn that stood out so awkwardly in a room; the new Victrola looked like a piece of furniture that fit perfectly in the parlor. “Victrola” is a brand name, and not a generic term for all old wind-up phonographs”.

Scroll down to the bottom area of the page. This is where you’ll find the navigation. You have a bevy of options available to you: History of the Victrola, Basics of the Acoustic Phonograph, Victrola Phonograph Design Details, How Can I Identify a Victrola?, Look Inside the Lid, Woods and Finishes, FAQS, Technical Articles on the Victrola Phonograph, and much, much more.

The “History of the Victrola” section is well laid out, comprehensive, and even has pictures. Learn about the victrola from 1901 to 1925. It’s an interesting read!

Look Under the Lid – this section is about the Victrola Decals that you would find under the lid. There were five total, and there are pictures of them all here.

Woods and Finishes – I found this section interesting too. There was a lot of variety used in the types of woods that were used to make the cabinets, and there were even some expensive hand painted custom finishes too. Filled with pictures and tips this section was really neat!

Well I’ll leave you to rummage through the rest of the site on your own now. It’s well worth a look.

Click this link to visit The Victor Victrola Page:

Turtle’s 78 RPM Jukebox

Make Your Selection.
No Nickel Required!
(Put a new needle in, and crank up your MP3 “talking machine”)

This site is a collection of MP3s made from old 78s. The music is from Popular Victor, Edison, and Columbia Recordings from 1900 to 1930. Each record is now a CD quality MP3, they really sound great! If you are a fan of old-time radio, you’ll love this site too. They even have a technical section so you can read how the recordings were made.Click this link to listen to the Turtle’s 78 RPM Jukebox:

How Vinyl Was Made


Interesting documentation you can watch in two parts on how they used to make records at RCA Victor.

Video Link: Part1Part2

Tape Findings

When was the last time you dropped a box of cassette tapes off to your local thrift store? Did you remember to erase them first? This site may make you think twice about dumping tapes that haven’t been erased.

Tape Findings is a collection of found audio recordings. The finds rang from songs sung by anonymous crooners (no real American Idol contenders there) to hilarious outgoing answering machine messages. The recordings are sometimes profound, sometimes awkward, but always entertaining. They also have links to similar sites.

Click this link to visit tape findings at

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