Verbal View of the Net and Web

Verbal View of the Net and Web
Verbal View of the Net and Web explains how to access information on the internet and teaches accessibility features of Microsoft Internet Explorer, features of various search engines, and using web-based data. This tutorial covers such topics as:

  • Connecting to the internet and following links on web pages
  • Reading web pages that may seem inaccessible
  • Sending and receiving e-mail and accessing intranets
  • Much more

Basic knowledge of Windows is required, but not experience with the Net or the Web. The Verbal View series emphasizes the use of the keyboard and some topics omitted from most books are discussed at length because they greatly benefit blind users. This tutorial comes on CD-ROM in DAISY 3.0 full-text, full-audio format, and also includes Microsoft Word, HTML, contracted braille, and text versions.

Verbal View of the Net and Web:
Catalog Number: D-10512-00
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Verbal View of Web Documents

Verbal View of Web DocumentsThis title in the Verbal View tutorial series gives computer users who are blind or visually impaired the tools to work effectively with documents stored on the World Wide Web. The Verbal View tutorials emphasize keyboard commands and describe graphic components.
The prerequisite tutorial to the new Web Documents tutorial, Verbal View of the Net and Web, covers the internet and the Web and describes the various ways to connect to the Net. This new tutorial focuses more closely on the Web.

Web Browsers

Typically, computer users rely on web browser software to locate, read, and save documents located on the Web. This tutorial covers in detail retrieving and using documents with common browsers such as Internet Explorer® and Firefox®.

Requirements to Run

Verbal View of Web Documents software requires the following system as a minimum:

  • 300 MHz PC compatible computer running at least Windows® 98 or Windows 2000 or later, including Vista®
  • 96 MB RAM
  • 10 MB disk space
  • Internet Explorer® 5.5 or later
  • Sound card and speakers
  • CD-ROM drive

Verbal View of Web Documents:
Catalog Number: D-10513-00
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Verbal View of Online Mail

Verbal View of Online MailThis tutorial builds on the information in Verbal View of the Net and Web, explaining how to use your computer to send email. Topics Include:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Mail messages
  • Contact information
  • Mail options

Verbal View of Online Mail:
Catalog Number: D-10515-00
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