Using A Microphone With My Computer

So you’re thinking of doing some recording with the computer. Maybe a podcast? You plugged in a microphone to your computer but you can’t hear anything. How can you get it to work?

It could be that the microphone is muted or not turned up. To check this, either double-click the little speaker in the system tray (down by the clock), or follow these steps to get to the “Volume Control” through the Start Menu in Windows.

  1. Press your “Windows” key, or the “Start Button” on your keyboard to open the Start Menu.
  2. Press the letter “P” until you reach “Programs” or “All Programs” and press enter.
  3. Press the letter “A” until you get to “Accessories” and press enter.
  4. Press the letter “E” until you reach “Entertainment” and press enter.
  5. Press “V” for “Volume Control”.

You will be presented with a series of volume control sliders. Tab through the sliders until you reach “Microphone”. Make sure the box is unchecked, and tab again to insure that the volume for the Mic is up. You may also wish to tab again to reach the “Line In” slider and uncheck it as well. This will allow recording from an external device, like a tape deck or record player.

If you don’t see a volume control for your microphone, the drivers may be missing. The simplest way to solve this problem is to re-install your sound card drivers. You will need to consult your card’s User’s Manual for specific information on how to download the software, and complete the installation.

Now you’re ready to record your voice with either Sound Recorder or your favorite sound editing program.

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