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SafeManuals is one of those services that must be bookmarked. This handy site has over eight hundred thousand downloadable user manuals for all kinds of gadgets and appliances. You can search for instruction manuals by manufacturer, by device model number or browse them alphabetically. When your find the manual you need you can instantly download it to your computer (in PDF format). So next time you need to find a user manual for your Blackberry, iPod nano, Nokia N95, some TFT screen or whatever, simply search for it on

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The Product Manual Archive

OK gadget lovers, it’s time to take a fun trip back in time, thanks to a site called The Product Manual Archive. When I first spotted this site I thought it was just going to be vintage manuals, but it’s actually an online gallery of not only manuals, but diagrams, catalogs, and how-to books as well, and if you really want to go all out, The Product Manual Archive even offers high-res images for die-hard vintage ad enthusiasts. Some vision is helpful to enjoy all the features of this site.

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Find the manual for your product online at OwnerIQ, a site that catalogs thousands of manuals for consumer devices and offers forums for discussing their features and quirks.

OwnerIQ provides not only manuals, but also extended on-site information about your products. You can use the site without registration to quickly locate manuals and accompanying literature for products you own. Registration adds the ability to ask questions in the product forums and create a profile of all your devices and manuals. Additionally, if there’s a recall or update for any product you’ve added to your profile, OwnerIQ will send you an email notification.

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The Manuals

Simple title, but thousands of product and software manuals. The site was designed to give you the Google effect when searching, and there are a lot of manuals here.

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The next time you need a manual for some software program or even a programming language, head to It’s basically a Google-powered custom search engine which lets you search for all kinds of tech & software manuals online.

Currently, it indexes over 900.000 free manuals from all over the web. Users can search for manuals using keywords and freely download manuals they like with a single click. Manuals can be downloaded in the PDF format.

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