UltraLens for Vision Development Activities


Black lights, which generate both UV and blue light, are sometimes used in vision development activities. UltraLens glasses screen out 100% of UV and blue light while still allowing the wearer to see the “glow” of materials as they fluoresce. A soft case is included with each UltraLens. Note: Filters like the UltraLens should always be worn by both the practitioner and the child during exposure.


Infant with Headstrap:
Catalog Number: 1-08177-00

Jr. with Headstrap:
Catalog Number: 1-08176-00

Jr. Clip-On (for the child who wears spectacles):
Catalog Number: 1-08178-00

Adult (can be worn alone, or over spectacles):
Catalog Number: 1-08175-00
Click this link to purchase the UltraLens from APH.

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