Track Menstrual Cycles Online

Mon.thly.Info is a simple, accessible tool to help you keep track of your menstrual cycles.

Each time you start your period, add the date to your Mon.thly account, and it will use your history to predict the next time your cycle will start. This provides you with a record of your menstrual cycles, which can be an important addition to your medical history. If you want, Mon.thly will also email you a customized reminder before or on your next estimated start date.

You may be asking, “How accurate are the predictions?” Well, their only as accurate as your cycles are regular. As the database grows, the site will be able to improve the prediction algorithm. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Log in to your existing account or register a new one. There is no confirmation email; your email address is used only for optional reminders.
  2. On your dashboard, use the calendar to add the last date you started your period, or click the tabs to add today or yesterday.
  3. Your history will be shown on the left side of your dashboard. You can also view your history as text with individual cycle lengths.
  4. When you have added several start dates, more detailed information will be generated and displayed on your dashboard.
  5. On your Settings page, you can choose whether or not to receive reminders by email, how often, and what the messages should say. You can also set your time zone so that your reminders arrive at 5:00am.

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