Throwback Thursday Object: Perkins Details a Catastrophic Event from 1917 that Changed the Treatment of Blindness

On the morning of December 6th, 1917, a Frenchcargo ship loaded with explosives collided with a Norwegian freighter in theharbor of Halifax Canada. The resulting explosion killedabout 2,000 people and the flying glass that resulted from thousands of windowsblown out by the pressure wave injured the eyes of almost six thousand peopleand blinded 41 permanently. The large number of eye injuries turned outto an important event in both medical care for eye injuries and rehabilitationefforts for people who are blind. This week the archives at the PerkinsSchool for the Blind commemorates the centennial of this awful event and itsaftermath by posting documentsthat tell the story. Perkins has several other online exhibits thatare equally fascinating.
Photo caption: View of the Halifax Harbor area after the explosion. Every tree and building in sight is shattered and broken. Everything is covered in snow.
Micheal A. Hudson
Museum Director

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