Throwback Thursday Object: Morrison “Perfection” Wire Stitching Machine

I apologize for the quality of the photograph of our objectthis week, but the stitcher is on exhibit in our basement and the lightingthere is poor. I hope the story makes up for the bad image. A wirestitching machine was used in the APH bindery to staple the spines ofbraille magazines, sheet music, and pamphlets. The machine feeds wirefrom a spool, cuts it, forms a staple, drives it, and folds over thepoints. An operator used foot pedals to control the action. Similarmachines are still in use at APH every day although we also use an automaticstitcher/folder line too. We acquired our first wire stitcher around 1902and purchased our first “Perfection” model in 1910, but we boughtthis one used. The Illinois Braille and Sightsaving School, now the Illinois School for theVisually Impaired, was a major producer of braille music scores before itclosed its print shop in the summer of 1963. Most of the machinery in theshop was bought by APH and brought to Louisville later that year. Thismachine still has the state of Illinois inventory tag.
MichealA. Hudson
Museum Director
American Printing House for the Blind

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