Throwback Thursday Object: Cabinet of Printer’s Type

Did you ever wonder why we call capital letters “upper case”and non-capitals “lower case”? They are printing terms. From theorigins of printing, Mr. Gutenberg and all that, some poor fellow had to sitwith a “case” of printing type and lay out the page in a frame called a“galley” one letter at a time. The capitals were in the top drawers ofthe case and so on. Our object today is a cabinet of printer’stype. The angled top allowed the typesetter to place his galley framethere while he loaded it with type from the drawers, or maybe rest a drawerthere while he unloaded a previously used arrangement. APH used type inseveral ways. In more modern times, we used traditional type to printlabels on book spines and Talking Book records. In our early days, weused specialized type to manufacture raised letter books, the tactile booksthat preceded braille.
(Photo Caption: Forty-four inch tall wooden case withspace for twenty-four drawers, each drawer is about an inch high and is dividedinto many small compartments filled with printer’s type.)Micheal A. HudsonMuseum DirectorAPH

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