The Pearl: A Throwback Thursday Object for Creating Tactile Graphics

On the seventy-sixth anniversary of the attack on PearlHarbor, we tried to find something that applied to remember the day, but wedon’t have that kind of collection. But we do have a PEARL! ThePlate Embossing Apparatus for Raised Lines was invented and designed by APHengineer Gary Davis in 1984. To my knowledge, only two were evermade. The PEARL is a metal tooling machine that functioned much like asewing machine, only instead of stitching fabric, it embosses raised lines onmetal embossing plates used to create tactile graphics. About four feetwide, the PEARL is all business with its gray paint and stainless steelhardware, so in that regard it does reflect those ships on battleshiprow. The operator sat in front of the machine and fed the plate under thetooling arm. Although most of our tactile graphics production has gonedigital, we still have a PEARL ready to produce plates for jobs that run on ourHeidelbergPresses.

Photo Caption (The Plate Embossing Apparatus for RaisedLines)Micheal HudsonMuseum Director, APH

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