The Jupiter Portable Magnifier: “I liked everything about it!

Students sit at desks where a Jupiter is open, showing a magnification of the whiteboard.
3. 2. 1. – blast off – Jupiter is here!

The Jupiter Portable Magnifier is a brand-new product from APH. The CCTV only weighs 8 pounds, and it folds flat, making it super easy for students to carry around.

“I liked everything about it!” says Martin Monson, a teacher at the Kentucky School for the Blind who tested Jupiter with his students. “It was simple to set up and use, and all the controls were very intuitive. The screen and camera seemed very high quality.”

While compact, Jupiter is jammed packed with great features! The distance viewing feature will magnify your students work up to 150 times, making it easy for them to see things happening at the front of the room. When it’s time for to read a textbook, or do some homework, students can rotate the camera easily without moving from their seat.
Student looks closely at the Jupiter screen as he turns the page of his history book.
“The camera allowed for high quality images to be captured on the screen in photo view mode, or viewed in real time with little to no motion blur when documents were moved under the camera,” explains Monson. “The color representation was also near perfect.”

Jupiter has an effective, yet simple interface that makes it super easy to use.

“The students I had try it out all just jumped right in and were using it like pros with very little instruction needed from me. It’s a great CCTV for a first-time user, a student who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, yet it can meet a huge array of needs, explains Monson.”

Hand turns the magnification knob on the Jupiter.
With the following three camera modes, the Jupiter is super versatile:

Reading: excellent for reading a book, prescription bottle labels, or completing a homework assignment.

Distance-view: magnifies up to 150x and is great for viewing a presentation, speaker, instructor, or anything at the front of a classroom or venue.

Self-view: works just like an HD mirror, and perfect for applying makeup and other grooming activities.

Do you want to learn more about Jupiter, or get your own? Visit: https://bit.ly/2UB5Fxa

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