Tactile Graphics Kit

Tactile Graphics Kit

The Tactile Graphics Kit is an extensive set of materials that allows teachers, transcribers, and mobility instructors to create custom raised-line maps, graphs, diagrams, and charts using a variety of point symbol tongs, a real pattern plates, and line drawing tools. Masters are embossed on heavy aluminum foil and can be reproduced on a vacuum-form machine.

Updated features of the Tactile Graphics Kit include:

  • improved carrying case
  • tri-fold tool pouch
  • modernized and extended guidebook in large print and CD-ROM formats
  • more durable Delrin (R) line-drawing tools

Extra accessories include a braille slate and stylus, braille eraser, rubber embossing pad, ruler, and foil sheets. The three line drawing tools included in the full kit are also available separately as the Tactile Line-Drawing Tool Kit. Some of these tools can be used to create graphics on both paper and foil.

Tactile Graphics Kit:
Catalog Number: 1-08851-00

Line-Drawing Tool Kit only (set of 3 tools):
Catalog Number: 1-08851-01

Replacement Tactile Graphics Guidebook Large Print/CD-ROM Edition:
Catalog Number: 7-08851-00
Click this link to purchase the Tactile Graphics Kit.

Aluminum Diagramming Foil for Use with Tactile Graphics Kit

Aluminum Diagramming Foil

Choose aluminum diagramming foil in sheets or rolls for producing tactile graphic masters.

For creating masters of raised-line graphics. Foil has white paint on one side for drawing graphics beforehand in pencil or ink. Available in rolls or sheets. Roll is 11 inches wide and approximately 150 feet long. Sheets measure 11 x 11 inches. 30 sheets per package.

Aluminum Diagramming Foil:

Catalog Number: 1-04120-00

Catalog Number: 1-04090-00
Click this link to purchase the Aluminum Diagramming Foil for Use with Tactile Graphics Kit.

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