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Imagine a future in the exciting Travel Industry

Working at home in your own home-based travel agency is one of the most exciting business opportunities available. The Ctravel terminal has placed Soneil Vision as a leader in its field with a leap in current technology. Ctravel software is Internet based software that will give access to all travel and ticketing networks. It can be used in a call center, in a travel agency office, at home as an extension of the office or anywhere as an independent travel professional. The blind person can able to read each single line displayed and ultimately make a booking.

Ctravel allows blind travel agents to login and check for:

  • The lowest fares available
  • Availability options
  • All applicable rules and routing
  • Passport and visa regulations
  • Special meals and services
  • Complex itineraries with stopovers and open jaws
  • Waitlist and sell-up booking classes
  • Calculate the airport taxes
  • Reserve the seat allowing you to view the file later
  • Print the ticket directly from the PNR

The software also allows you to make or receive phone calls, faxes and emails from anywhere as if you were physically present in the office by using a VPN.

For more information on this exciting field, see below:

Soneil Vision Enabling Solutions
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Mississauga, ON L5T 1H8
Phone: 905-565-0840
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