Soundings Audio Magazine: News and Information About Living with Sight Loss

Soundings Audio, best known just as “Soundings”, is a UK-wide registered charity that produces free, impartial and relevant information for anyone who is, directly or indirectly, affected by sight loss. Their goal is to increase knowledge, independence and awareness and to decrease feelings of isolation and improve quality of life.

Information in audio is produced and presented by a small team of professional broadcasters, readers and transcribers who work alongside other volunteers who give their time and effort to maintain this free public service.

In the sighted world, people are constantly given information that enables them to choose their options. Soundings tries to level the playing field for those who live with sight loss.

Two distinctly different programs are produced:

  • The Soundings Echo. their rolling news and information service offering a regularly updated selection of individual, stand-alone audio features and other information. It’s presented as an on-line publication – in audio and text – and can be easily accessed from the Soundings website.
  • The Soundings Magazine. The monthly audio publication, which blends Soundings Echo articles with listeners’ comments and opinion. The magazine also supports its own on-line discussion forum and is available to download from the Soundings website – in audio and text – and is distributed on cassette and in other formats. Each edition of the Soundings Echo and the entire Soundings magazine are available as a podcast as soon as produced.

Click this link to visit the Soundings website at

Alison Currey
Being a Literature Students she loves to write and always kept working for the society and who really need a hand. Apart from writing she is an excellent singer herself. Have found her either reading or drawing in her free time. An inspiring personality you may want to follow at FredForum here.

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