soundaround is the international interactive audio magazine for blind & partially sighted people. This is the first magazine to provide a web site that is self-speaking, you don’t need a screen reader to access the Soundaround site.

This blind friendly web site is navigated by using the number keys on your computer keyboard. Listen to the voice prompts, and then choose which article you would like to hear. At the end of each item you can either listen again, or move on to something else. The prompt will tell you what options are available. It’s as simple as that!

If you’d like more information on Soundaround, an MP3 file of the Soundaround Promo can be downloaded by clicking this link. Contact information can also be found below.

The Sound Around magazine is one hundred minutes of programming that is sent on cassette to bli nd or visually impaired people in the United Kingdom, and is a Registered Charity supported by public donation. Charity Registration number: 280679

74 Glentham Road
Barnes, London SW13 9JJ
Phone: +44-20-8741-3332

Alison Currey
Being a Literature Students she loves to write and always kept working for the society and who really need a hand. Apart from writing she is an excellent singer herself. Have found her either reading or drawing in her free time. An inspiring personality you may want to follow at FredForum here.

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