Sirius XM: More Accessible To The Visually Impaired

The original Pulsar app brought Apple and Sirius XM together to create magic. Apple computer users could finally stream Sirius XM’s Premium Online content the way it should be done. Pulsar did it right! For starters, a browser wasn’t required. The interface was clean, elegant and easy to use. A third-party app wasn’t required to make it work. Users only had to enter in their username and password once. Best of all, the music wouldn’t stop playing with annoying timeouts. They did forget one thing, the blind and visually impaired.

Now, Sirius XM Radio is more accessible to the visually impaired, thanks to the utilization of Apple’s VoiceOver technology in the newly updated Pulsar online streaming app.

Rogue Amoeba spent some time working with visually impaired users to determine the best way to utilize Apple’s VoiceOver technology in the application. With approximately 15 million blind and visually impaired individuals in the United States, this new accessibility to Sirius XM’s Premium Online content, made possible by Rouge Amoeba’s Pulsar App, gives Sirius XM an edge over competing services which do not allow for this accessibility.

In addition to its utilization of Apple’s VoiceOver technology, the update brings some other new and welcome features as well. A Dock menu feature was added, which provides access to Pulsar’s playback controls from Pulsar’s dock icon, even while the application is hidden. A “Jump to Live” command was added, which provides for the restarting of live content at the end of the pause buffer. Growl notifications now coalesce (only one is shown on the screen at a time) and many small bugs were fixed with the update.

Rogue Amoeba’s Pulsar application is compatible with both Sirius and XM online subscriptions, whether users have a US or Canadian account. Pulsar 2.1 is available from Rogue Amoeba’s website,,or you can get Pulsar for free with the purchase of any of the company’s other Mac OS X products. Users of previous versions of Pulsar can update to Pulsar 2.1 for free.

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