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Twitter is one of the most popular places on the internet today. It’s a great way for the blind and visually impaired to share information quickly around the world, in real-time, easily and within seconds. Today, I’m going to show you some effective ways to share files with your Twitter followers. Check them all out and use the one which you find easiest to access with your screen reader or screen magnification program.

Sending Audio Through Qwitter

Qwitter was originally designed to be a client for the Twitter microblogging service. However, Qwitter has evolved into a revolutionary application, bringing the speech and sound-based navigation paradigm it popularized on the Twitter platform to several other services. Qwitter’s primary advantage is that you can access these services without ever having to open up another window. You never need to leave the application you are working in.

Starting in qwitter 4.5, the ability to attach audio messages to your posts was added. Any new message dialog contains an attach audio button. Pressing this button brings up a dialog that gives you the option to either record your audio from within qwitter itself or attach an existing file.

Click this link to learn more about the Qwitter client for the blind:


Allows you to share files with your Twitter followers. There are three account types, two of them are free. One of the free accounts helps you directly link to your files and upload up to the 250 Mb per file limit.

Click this link to share files through TwitFS.


Allows you to share files on Twitter. Simple as that. Blast out your images, videos, music and more with just a couple of clicks, and your files are automatically posted on Twitter. Ten meg limit and files are removed after thirty days.

Click this link to visit


The easiest way to share your documents on Twitter. Files up to 15 MB, photos up to 10 MB and video files up to 25 MB. Very nice and simple service.

Click this link to visit


FileTweet lets you send files directly to your Twitter followers. All you need is a Twitter account, your files are sent via DM. Very nice and simple-to-use service with a nice interface.

Click this link to share files through FileTweet.

Allows you to directly share almost anything with your Twitter followers. Including Pictures, Videos, Documents, Audio files or even interactive polls! Very cool!

Click this link to visit

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