SARA (Scanning and Reading Apliance)

The colorful SARA is so simple to use that it works right out of the box. Just place a book, magazine, newspaper, bill, or other document on the scanning surface and press a button. SARA reads aloud in a crisp clear voice. Absolutely no technical or computer experience is needed. SARA can read columns and sidebars as well as text in a huge array of type styles and colors.

SARA’s design recognizes the special needs of its users. A small group of large buttons perform all the basic functions any user needs. The buttons on a straight-forward keypad, are colorful, with tactile symbols that convey each button’s use. If assistance is needed to identify a button, a Help key can be pushed to speak the button’s name and function. Front-mounted stereo speakers make SARA easy to hear, and the RealSpeak® voice can be changed for the user’s preference. The speaking speed and volume can be adjusted while reading or controlled to read a single word or line at a time. Users can even have SARA spell words to get a better understanding of what is being spoken.

SARA remembers hundreds of thousands of pages and handles everything from small-print phone book pages to your favorite novel. SARA’s built-in CD player gives the user options to read books saved on disk. SARA also can be attached to a computer monitor or TV for colorful, large print to complement the speech. You can adjust the print, type style, color, spacing and size to meet your needs.


Freedom Scientific is the world’s leading manufacturer of assistive technology products for the blind and products for the special education and learning disability markets.

For more information on SARA or Freedom Scientific, visit their home page:

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