Rent Toys, Netflix-Style

Children’s toys sales in the U.S. alone total billions of dollars each year, and for anyone who’s ever played with a child, it’s easy to understand why. Kids are fickle when it comes to their toys, and both their preferences and what is age or disability-appropriate can change rapidly. offers parents an alternative to constantly buying new toys and finding space to store the old ones. The site works much like Netflix. Parents browse through toys by age and category, adding them to a wishlist. The various membership levels provide flexibility for families with different budgets or toy needs. There are no late fees if your child wants to hang onto a particular toy for a while (the minimum for receiving a new toy is 30 days), and if you want to keep a toy permanently, you can buy it at 20 percent of its cost.
When you receive a toy, it has been sterilized since its last use, and includes packing materials and pre-paid UPS postage for sending it back to BabyPlays.
Keeping a fickle, growing child happy and interested with age-appropriate toys can be a difficult and expensive endeavor for parents. provides a great solution to families who can’t afford to constantly buy new toys, who have a child with a disability and want to insure that toys are appropriate, who don’t have the storage space for old toys, or who simply want an easy way to keep a fresh variety of toys coming in to their child’s play space. Since all toys are lead-free and exceed U.S. safety standards, parents can rest assured that their children’s toys are safe without having to do any research themselves.

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