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Premier Assistive Technology was founded in 1998 with a mission to provide assistive technology to persons with disabilities and give them access to today’s technologically oriented world. In targeting those objectives, they are rapidly finding that their technologies are beginning to reach far beyond the boundaries that have historically been framed by the visually disabled software market to other emerging areas. They have developed a complete suite of products that address “reading and information transfer” needs for individuals with visual and mobility challenges. Applications for learning disabilities, general literacy and English as a second language can also be well-served using existing and emerging assistive technologies.

Their suite of products continues to grow and includes the following products and technologies:

  • Scan & Read Lite©
  • Scan & Read Pro©
  • Text-to-Audio©
  • Talking Word Processor©
  • Text Cloner Pro©
  • Talking Calculator©
  • Scan and View©
  • Complete Reading System©
  • Universal Reader©
  • Universal Reader Plus©
  • OFF Limits© The Talking Web Browser
  • PDF Magic Pro©
  • The Ultimate Talking Dictionary©
  • Predictor Pro© Word Prediction
  • The Talking Checkbook©
  • E-Library©
  • E-Text Reader©

All of their products are designed with simplicity in mind and feature both easy setup and “one-button” control for many key functions. The quality and overall capabilities of their products is equal to or better than any on the market today, with one major difference …theirs cost much less. A driving force behind ddddddPremier Assistive’s business philosophy is that assistive technology should be affordable for everyone!!!

Premiere Assistive Technology becomes Premiere Literacy

Here’s a press release , announcing the name change for Premiere Assistive Technology, Inc., in which the new name will be more reflective of the role this strategic assistive technology company excels at.

The new name of the company is Premiere Literacy.

The change in name is reflective of a broader understanding of their clients^D>’ needs, which the company has come to grasp in their years of operation, aswell as the evolution of technology in the role of literacy. This is also augmented by alliances they continue to build.

For more information on Premier Assistive Technology, click here for their home page:

A Special Grant For Schools and Organizations

The “Breaking Down Barriers to Assistive Technology” Grant from Premier Literacy, Inc. is committed to providing you the most effective and affordable assistive technology products available in the world today. This grant was established in 2002 to help bridge the gap between education budgets and the need for educational organizations to deploy sufficient resources to serve the needs and requirements of special education programs. They fully appreciate the significant budget pressures that all institutions experience and this grant program will help to act as a catalyst to solidify your special education / assistive technology programs. Above all else, this program is meant to promote literacy EVERYWHERE in your organization, not just isolated groups or departments. In this spirit, the lowest level of grant awarded is for an entire school. (Grants to individuals, single departments or “for profit” companies are not awarded). This grant will give you the right to install the suite of software on EVERY PC IN YOUR ORGANIZATION.

This is truly a grant. There are no current or future obligations for your organization to pay any monies to Premier Assistive Technology to use the programs for the versions being granted to you. After the grant period has expired (all or part of a school year), there will be an optional, but very nominal maintenance fee (a fraction of the total grant value) that you can pay to entitle you to future product releases, technical support, company communications, etc. Again, the maintenance fee is optional and only needed if you want to qualify for those services for future school years. If you elect to pay that fee, you have our commitment that the costs of the maintenance will be VERY affordable.

Since you will receive an Unlimited Site License to install the software on EVERY PC in your organization, the value of the grant will be calculated based on the total number of students in your entire organization (not just a selected department like Special Education). While the number need not be exact, it IS important that this number be a good approximation of the number of students so Premier can devote the appropriate resources to support of the product and services they provide to all grant recipients.

You will receive email notification of your grant upon acceptance along with a letter detailing the grant program along with the software. It will likely take 2-3 weeks to process your grant application, but if you have any questions at any time please feel free to contact them at 815-722-5961 or 517-668-8188 or email them at

To begin the Grant application process, click this link:

Premier Literacy
Executive Offices
1309 N. William St.
Joliet, IL 60435
Phone: 815-722-5961
Fax: 815-722-8802

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