Portable Digital TV

Blind and visually impaired people love portable TVs. Everyone I know has at least one that they’ve been using for years. We don’t care that the screen is black and white or that it’s only two inches. What we want is great sound and the portability.

Now that the switch to digital TV has occured, many of us have useless portable TVs. That relyable TV is now ready for the trash.

Portable digital TVs are being talked a lot about lately. We have had several requests for information about portable digital TV sets, where to find them,and if old portable analog TVs can be used after the transition.

Portable Digital TV sets became easier to find as the transition approached. Manufactures are including some cool features, digital picture frames and MP3 players can be actived when the TV is not in use.

Features to look for when choosing a portable Digital TV:

  • STC tuner (to receive the digital signals)
  • 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 standard display
  • Built in antenna
  • Built in speaker
  • Internal or external battery pack
  • 120 VAC adapter (house current)
  • Ear phone jack
  • A/V inputs for connecting other devices

Click this link to learn more about Portable Digital TVs, including links to various models.
Click this link to learn ways to use your old portable TV with a converter box.

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