Throwback Thursday Object: Early Talking Book Studio Microphone

Our object this week is an original microphone used in therecording studio at APH from around 1940. APH began recording talkingbooks for the National Library Service in 1937. The omnidirectionaldynamic microphone was developed at Bell Labs in the late 1920s. WesternElectric developed this “mic” in the late 1930s that was omnidirectional to 15kHz. Called the 630A, it was better known as the “Eight-Ball,” resembling ablack billiard ball used on a pool table. The “acoustic baffleassembly,” the round grill mounted on top of the body of the microphone,converted an omnidirectional mic into a semi-directional mic useful for studiowork at APH.

Caption, Western Electric “8-ball” microphone.Micheal HudsonMuseum Director, APH

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