November, 2016 APH News

**This Month’s Headlines:

  • You Can Test BrailleBlaster Beta

  • New Products

  • Give Us Your Feedback on Teacher’s Pet Software!

  • Talking Typer for iOS: Field Testers Needed!

  • APH Is Looking for Your Input on Audiojack!

  • Touch, Label, and Learn Poster: Human Skeleton Survey

  • Share Your Creativity with Carousel of Textures!

  • A Bold, Strong Annual Meeting

  • First-Ever APH/AER Rehabilitation Institute

  • 16th Annual National Prison Braille Forum

  • APH Partners on a Landmark Book Project

  • Typhlo & Tactus Tactile Book Contest 2017

  • Compilation of National Listserv of State Vision Consultants

  • Find a Winter Sports Camp!

  • Tactile Art Products and Materials

  • Together with Braille Tales

  • APH Travel Calendar and much, much more… //www.aph.org/news
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