A Note from Dr. Jane Erin

To the Staff at APH,

As an Executive in Residence at APH during 2010-2011, I want to express my appreciation to all of the staff for your thoughtfulness and hospitality during my time in Louisville. Even though my experience took place during one- or two-week visits throughout the year, every return trip felt like coming home.

APH is a model of collaboration and high quality work. The care that goes into the conceptualization and planning of each product is extraordinary, and employees seem constantly committed to the common goal of creating excellent materials to promote learning. As a visitor, I always felt welcomed and included. Project leaders made time to spend with me, no matter how busy they were; Ralph, Bob, and Tuck made sure that I was able to see how the processes of planning and production developed throughout the organization. People whose names I did not know greeted me warmly in passing, and people whom I had known for years took on new dimensions as I realized the scope of their daily roles.

Thank you for providing me with renewed energy to go forward with my university roles in research and preparation of professionals. I look forward to many future visits to APH, and I thank you for the opportunity to learn from a skilled and dedicated staff.

With appreciation,

Jane Erin, Professor and Coordinator of Programs in Visual Impairment
Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies
The University of Arizona

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