National Accessible Travelers Database

From the site:

Easter Seals Project ACTION is pleased to present the National Accessible Travelers Database to assist travelers with disabilities seeking accessibilityin transportation at destinations across the US. The NATD contains thousands of accessible transportation services reported to ESPA by providers.

You can search for accessible transportation providers based in a City and State — or enter your zipcode. Zipcode searches will provide results within a 30 mile radius in the following order:

  • Urban and small urban public transit operators
  • Rural public transit operators
  • Paratransit providers (note: information on paratransit services affiliated with public transit operators may be found within the listing of the publictransit operator)
  • Private bus/tour companies with accessible vehicles
  • Accessible taxis
  • Accessible van rental companies
  • Accessible airport shuttle/limousine services
  • Accessible hotel shuttles
  • Travel agencies that specialize in accessible travel

Click this link to use the National Accessible Travelers Database from Easter Seals Project Action.

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