My Favorite Scrap Books

by Donna J. Jodhan

As long as I can remember, and with or without sight, scrap books have always been one of my favourite pastimes. When I was a kid, my cousins used to clip all of my favourite pictures and photos out of magazines and newspapers and then patiently paste them into scrap books for me. I only had to ask and Nancy and Brenda would do it for me.

There were pictures of the Kennedy family; in particular the Kennedy brothers. The Osmonds, and the Royal family. I could barely see these but it did not matter. I had to have them. Later on, my best friend Charlene continued the tradition for me and my favourites expanded to include Paul Anka, Englebert Humperdink, Julio Iglesias, Wayne Gretzky, Princess Diana, and of course my hero Pierre Trudeau.

I expanded my favourites when I got my vision through a cornea transplant and for 25 glorious years I was able to cut and paste for myself. There were many other favourites that I collected as well. I collected memorabilia on the death of Princess Diana and JFK JR along with Pierre Trudeau and I extended my scrap book pastime to include videos.

Five years ago when I lost almost all of my vision, my pastime came to a screeching halt but I held on to my scrap books and videos. A few months ago, I decided to rid myself of some of these treasured scrap books because it was becoming too much for me to store and it was with a very heavy heart and a lump in my throat that I did this. Before parting with them, I opened each and riffled through their pages doing my best to remember. Then fighting back tears, I placed them in a large box and took them down to the garbage shoot. “Rest in peace” was what I whispered as I gently pushed them down the shoot.

These scrap books have helped me to keep my memories alive. I have kept some of the more treasured ones, but I shall always miss the others. I still have my videos because at least, I can play them and listen to them.

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