Monoculars Won’t Roll Away with RollBusters from APH


The original RollBusters from APH are foam rings that keep your monocular from rolling away and provide some protection from impact. The RollBuster rings come in pairs. You supply your own monocular. You place one ring around each end of your monocular. The rings friction-fit to the monocular and have flat surfaces on their outside edge so that the monocular is prevented from rolling. RollBusters come in a set of five pairs, with four different sizes. The sizes of the inside diameters are: triangles -25 mm; squares -28 mm; pentagons – 30 mm; and hexagons -40 mm (there are two pairs of the 30 mm size).

RollBuster (set of five pairs):
Catalog Number: 1-03195-00
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RollBuster II

RollBuster II

Keep monoculars in reach during classroom activities, while protecting them from rolling. RollBuster II mini-bags also provide some impact protection. Comes in two kid-friendly styles. The mini-duffel bag fits monoculars up to 4 inches in length and up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The mini-backpack fits monoculars up to 5 inches in length and up to 1 3/4 inches in diameter or a monocular which is oval or irregular in shape. Bag has a strip of extra hook / loop material stitched to its underside to allow attachment to a flat surface.

RollBuster II

Catalog Number: 1-03196-00

Mini-Duffel Bag:
Catalog Number: 1-03197-00
Click this link to purchase the RollBuster II from APH.

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