Mobile Eyes Portable Text To Speech Scanner

Guerilla Technologies Inc, has created a Portable Reading Machine/Magnifier for the visually impaired. The company’s device named MobilEyes has proprietary software running on a tablet sized computer.The program features Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text-to-Speech output, Live Picture and Still Photograph Magnification, and a host of other multimedia transfer, storage, and playback options.

With the aid of a ten mega pixel camera mounted to the rear side of the unit, a visually impaired person can point the device in the direction of presumed text and, in a few seconds, hear any words visible within the photograph, read out loud. Practical uses are: reading the menu in a restaurant, wall mounted signs containing text information,newspapers, magazines, mail, advertisements, or products in a grocery store not easily identified by the shape of the container/box. The MobilEyes Reader can even recognize a UPC barcode and identify the product, brand/manufacturer and size of an item. When used as a video magnifier, a person can enlarge the view of any item on the MobilEyes’ 7 inch video screen or connect to any computer monitor for even greater magnification. A Professional model comes with a portable flatbed scanner that can identify US currency.

For more information about their Portable and Stand-Alone Readers,including how to contact the company, click this link to visit the Guerilla Technologies website: or

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