Managing Hair Supplies, Not Fishing Tackle

If your daughter or wife have tons of brushes, hairclips, rubber bands, jewelry, you know how crazy it can be keeping it all together in one location and not all over the house. Here’s an easy tip that will help them keep things organized and might win you some browny points for being so thoughtful.

The next time you’re out shopping, stop by the local sporting goods or department store and pick up a tackle box with pop up trays.

Now they can use all the cubbies for putting smaller items like barrettes and bands, and a brush or two in the bottom. Because it’s portable, they can take it to friends houses or on trips and have everything they need.

Alison Currey
Being a Literature Students she loves to write and always kept working for the society and who really need a hand. Apart from writing she is an excellent singer herself. Have found her either reading or drawing in her free time. An inspiring personality you may want to follow at FredForum here.

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