Trade Your Unwanted CDs Online

Do you have CDs that you no longer enjoy? Maybe it was something from the days of your youth and just thinking of that CD makes you ill. Lala, don’t throw it away, trade it for something new!

As a lala member, you can trade the CDs you have for music you really want. Trading CDs through lala is easy.

  1. Visit the lala site at and become a member.
  2. List CDs you Have and pick CDs you Want. Don’t worry, you’ll find something you like, there’s over 1.8 million CD titles to choose from.
  3. Ship the CDs you Have to lala members. Lala finds members interested in your CDs & provides shipping kits for mailing.
  4. Get the CDs you Want from lala members. Lala guarantees the quality of all CDs received or your money back!

Registering for lala is FREE! You can browse member collections and playlists, search for specific artists and albums, or sample lala recommendations. There are no upfront commitments.

Once you decide to start trading, you only pay for CDs received from your Want List. There are no hidden costs or monthly fees. Every CD you receive costs only $1 plus a standard shipping charge of $0.75. The number of CDs you receive will depend on how many CDs you ship to other members. You’re NEVER obligated to ship CDs in your Have List. When someone requests one of your CDs, you decide if and when to ship the CD. The more you ship, the more you get.

Lala provides you with stamped envelopes, so all you need to do is drop your CD in the mail! You never pay anything to send CDs. Your first shipping kits will be sent to you after you agree to ship your first CD. Lala guarantees its members’ satisfaction. If a CD is not received in good condition, we will credit your account and make it a priority to fulfill yourrequest.

Like any used CD store, lala is 100% legal! Every CD you receive from other lala members is yours to keep. Since lala doesn’t condone pirated music, only original CDs are being traded.

Click this link to visit the lala website:

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