Learn to Read Braille with Ozzie Dots

What is Ozzie Dots?

  • A systematic program to assist students, their teachers and aides with learning to read and write the contracted braille code (Unified English braille)
  • A fun and light-hearted resource to introduce contracted braille and tactual graphics to young braille readers

Aims of Ozzie Dots

  • Introduction of contractions and basic punctuation
  • Introduction to reading tactile graphics – tactual graphicacy
  • Opportunities for concept development
  • Opportunities to explore a range of non-text based sources of information
  • Stories which have an Australian flavour
  • Books as complete files (braille file includes graphics)
  • Opportunity to take books home to keep

Purchase Ozzie Dots

There are three books introducing each contraction in Set 1. Ozzie Dots introduces the contractions as follows:

  • Set 1: like, can, it, the, go (all 15 books available as a free download)
  • Set 2: do, you, will, not, little
  • Set 3: very, good, have, but, for
  • Set 4: that, so, with, him, from
  • Set 5: and, more, every, people, said, quotes, comma
  • Set 6: of, some, great, mother, father
  • Set 7: here, friend, day, days of the week, as
  • Set 8: could, would, time, work, one
  • Set 9: just, name, after, again, your
  • Set 10: about, always, quite, rather, knowledge

We’d like to offer you Set 1 – comprising 15 books – as a free download. Set 1 introduces the following contractions: like, can, it, the, go. Each book is available as a DXB file (Duxbury version 10.7) with the illustrations embedded. To emboss the books, you will need Duxbury Braille Translation software and a braille embosser. The text of each book is also available as a pdf file.

To download an invoice for Sets 1 to 10, click this link to visit the Ozzie Dots website.

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