Large Print/Braille Toss-Away Ruler


This ruler, with markings in both large print and braille, is designed to be used in the classroom or in testing and assessment situations where an inexpensive user-friendly measuring device is needed. These 7-inch rulers are marked with centimeters and inches and printed/embossed on heavy paper with high contrast numbers. They are packaged in sets of 24 and come in 3 assorted bright colors. These rulers are also available in a version with large print only.

Toss-Away Ruler

Large Print/Braille (24-Pack):
Catalog Number: 1-03010-00

Large Print Only (24-Pack):
Catalog Number: 1-03011-00
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printable paper rulers

Teachers will be interested in this website which offers lots of printable rulers. I think this would be great for creating large rulers, maybe by printing them and enlarging them with a copy machine. There are suggestions about using them with clear transparent sheets for measuring. This looks great for classroom use.

Click this link to view the variety of Printable Rulers online.

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