Kentucky’s See World

The See World Store is a convenient place to try out and purchase various devices to aid you at work and home. They carry a wide variety of magnifiers, light fixtures, kitchen aids, talking clocks and calculators, and various books and games in large print and braille. Come on in and try it before you buy it. If you don’t live in Kentucky, their web site features Weekly Specials,, and the product of the week.

See World is a part of the Kentucky Office for the Blind. Their mission is to provide opportunities to individuals with visual disabilities for employment and independence. OFB offer services to assist the blind or visually impaired individual’s effortto become more independent and productive in the workplace, community, school, and home.For more on See World, use the following contact information:

See World Store/Office for the Blind
Charles McDowell Center
8412 Westport Road
Louisville, KY 40242
Toll Free: 800-346-2115
Phone: 502-429-4460

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