Internet TV Show for Dads

This site has nothing to do with blindness or visual impairment. It does offer some great information for men.

Dadlabs is a great resource for today’s modern fathers and is full of parenting and spousal advice. The site has close to three-hundred videos with topics ranging from “The Pregnant Man, from Conception to Delivery” to “To Pee or not to Pee in the Pool”. The shows have a certain degree of humor, makingthem more palatable to the average man, but also deal with some very important issues. Videos can be viewed at and can also be searched for on a variety of other video sites like YouTube. Far from being only a video site, Dadlabs also has a forum where dads can go to discuss specific problems regarding fatherhood, a blog, and a store.

“An edgy, fun and informative show for dads and the women who tolerate and/or love them. Humorous tips and advice from dads on parenting, fatherhood, children,and coping with wives and mothers. Tune in as the Dads tackle the issues of today: from breast feeding in public to head lice to poop in the tub.”

As families become increasingly egalitarian and the line between the role of the mother and the father continues to blur, fathers need a place to educatethemselves quickly and share their experiences. The modern family has changed significantly over the last generation and fatherhood material needs updating. What better way to address this need than through on-demand videos?

I loved the videos I watched and had no problem accessing the site with my screen reader. I will most certainly be adding this one to my RSS reader.

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