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Infotech is an audio magazine focusing upon the subject of Information Technology. It comprises fair, impartial reviews of a wide range of specialist equipment, for visually impaired people – ranging from small low-tech items (clocks watches and calculators etc.), through to computer hardware and software.

The reviews are presented in straightforward easy-to-understand language, and the magazine contains interviews with representatives of equipment suppliers and service providers, many of whom are visually impaired. The magazine also contains small tutorials, teaching computing applications using adaptivetechnology.

Infotech is produced each month, and it is available either on audio cassette, on CD-ROM, or through the web site. The files can be downloaded to your computer, either as individual articles, or in one zipped archive containing the entire edition. The length of each edition is usually ninety minutes, although some editions have been much longer than this.


When subscribing, please ensure that you advise the Sales Person in which format you would like to receiveInfotech (cassette, CD-ROM or internet download). If you would like to download each magazine, you will need to provide a username and password.

Back editions can be purchased from March 2001 onward. Some of the magazines can be downloaded. All of the editions however are available on cassette and CD. It is worth noting that the CD’s can easily be used on the Victor DAISY Talking Book Players, both Classic and Pro versions, or any other DAISY OR MP3 compatible player.

In addition, you can purchase “Best of Infotech” and “Best of Infotech 2002” double CD’s, each set containing over eighteen hours worth of material.

Infotech is thirty pounds per year. To order, please use the information below to contact T& T Consultancy Ltd, who are responsible for the production and distribution of Infotech, located in the UK.

T&T Consultancy Limited
Office Suite 5
Imex Technology Park
Trentham Lakes South,, Stoke on Trent ST4 8LJ
Phone: +44-0-1782-644141
Fax: +44-0-1782-646142

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