Tac-Tivities Using APH Products

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Tac-Tivities Using APH Products

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Leader Dog Summer Experience 2013

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The Things People Say

ByUnknownMarch 15, 2013By Donna Jodhan

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Everybody Plays! How Kids with Visual Impairments Play Sports

ByUnknownMarch 13, 2013ImageEverybody Plays! is a fun storybook written by Cindy Lou Aillaud and Lauren Lieberman that follows an elementary school-age child to a sports camp for children who have visual impairment, blindness, or deafblindness. Written at a 4th grade reading level, readers learn about sports and recreational physical activities that are enjoyed universally and about specific sports designed for persons with visual impairment and blindness.

The young storyteller describes how sport modifications and equipment adaptations help the campers have a blast when they learn about sports and play with new friends and coaches. Young readers learn about Paralympic sports and are encouraged to identify the Paralympic sports that the storyteller experiences while at camp.

Each sport and recreational activity has a Listen Up! page that introduces the sports novice to each sport or activity. If a reader does not need the detailed explanation of a particular activity, the print, braille, and electroni…Post a CommentRead More »

Reference Guide for Using VoiceOver on iOS

ByUnknownMarch 04, 2013This useful guide defines gestures, bluetooth keyboard commands, and refreshable braille display commands for using VoiceOver on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. The guide was compiled by a TVI and certified O&M specialist as well as a manager of assistive technology and accessibility.

A few of the topics covered are:
Bluetooth keyboard commandsRefreshable Braille Display commandsRotor commandsBasic commandsUsing various appsEntering, copying, and editing text Many sections include tables for specific actions and the corresponding gestures or commands.

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