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How to Wear Red Lipstick

ByMichael McCarty-February 16, 2012How to Wear Red Lipstickfrom wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Zarpor.com says that red lips are the quintessential sexy look but getting it “just right” can take a little know-how. Red lips are a classic look as seen on many a golden age Hollywood beauty, and they’re a pop of color that can enhance many a look.Whether you’re just in the mood to have fun with your look, or you’re going to a formal ball, red lips are often the best choice. Here’s how to make sure they’re a well applied choice too. Steps Select the red lipstick. Most people are able to wear warm red.[1] However, it is important to try different shades of red to find the one that suits you best. Ask a makeup retail assistant to help you make a suitable choice; be sure to test under good lighting.Orange-red or reds with more yellow in them are kinder to olive or easily tanned skins (warm complexions).Pale skin tones (cooler complexions) are better with blue toned reds.A be…Post a CommentRead More »

My Dogs and I

ByMichael McCarty-February 13, 2012by Donna J. JodhanFirst there was Yella; a fat and happy Lab. Then came Lion and Tiger, her huge and handsome sons. Then finally there was Boyo and Brownie, the grand children of Yella. My treasured ones, my best companions. These are the ones that gave me so much comfort during my formative years. Yella’s happy and go lucky spirit enabled me to create and imagine all kinds of kid-like things; writing poetry and essays about her. Gosh, I even won first prize in an essay competition for my composition about Yella. By the time Lion and Tiger came along I was approaching the difficult adolescent years and these were the two that helped me the most. I would often lie on my stomach and bury my face in their thick coats of fur. There I would tell them all of my fears and fantasies and you know what? They never turned a deaf ear on me. They would always listen attentively and would often reward me with either a kiss on the nose or a paw on my shoulder. By the time that B…Post a CommentRead More »

Where Can One Find Accessibility Expertise?

ByMichael McCarty-February 13, 2012by Donna J. JodhanWhere can one find accessibility expertise to help in the web design/development/support cycle?One would be surprised to learn how close at hand this expertise is and how available it can be. It’s right here in our backyards; blind and partially sighted people themselves. Blind and partially sighted people are becoming more involved in website activities and are being used more as testers, evaluators, and as experts when it comes to deciding how to implement accessibility features into the design and development of websites.For who better than these people to tell you how best and what is best to do when it comes to accessibility? They bring a lifetime of experiences to the table. Their knowledge of access technology (software and hardware) is second to none, and they, better than anyone else, can guide you on how to design and develop screens.They can help you to better understand what combination of foreground and background colors are needed in ord…Post a CommentRead More »

The TOAD Assessment and Activity Kit Croaks Away Frustration

ByMichael McCarty-February 08, 2012by Kristie Smith, M.Ed, CTVI

Toad Dreams

That afternoon the dream of the toads
rang through the elms by Little River
and affected the thoughts of men,
though they were not conscious that
they heard it.–Henry ThoreauThe other day, my mother, Jamille and I did a training on activities and brain research for infants who have a visual impairment at Region XI Service Center. The staff and audience were unbelievably talented and willing to learn and give input on ways that would incorporate fun activities while encouraging brain activity for the infant or students with MIVI (Multiple Impairment and Visual Impairment) who have a visual impairment, although the strategies work for all infants as well.The audience and I were discussing different assessment kits that were outstanding for our students under the age of three. I pulled out the TOAD Kit from APH and the group and I began exploring the incredible items that were not only good for assessment but for activities for weekly…Post a CommentRead More »

Mom and I, We Make a Team

ByMichael McCarty-February 01, 2012by Donna J. JodhanAs a blind person, it is vitally important for me to be able to have someone who can be my eyes. For me, that’s my mom. For as long as I can remember, she has been my eyes; using her natural ability to help me cope. She has found ways to help me identify things. She has developed strategies to help me navigate my kitchen, and she naturally knows how to assist me whenever we go shopping. In the general scheme of things, many people need to be taught or given certain hints and lessons when it comes to helping a blind person; but not my mom. One can easily say that she should know or that she ought to know but this is not always true. It should not be assumed that because you have a family member who is blind that you should know what to do. Not at all. It often seems to me that whenever I am in need of an arm to guide me, she is there. Whenever I am looking for a lost object, she naturally knows how to help me find it. Now that I am unable to match my…Post a CommentRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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