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Everyone Likes to Play Games Including the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010by Alena Roberts
When you think of video games, you likely don’t think of the blind playing them, but this isn’t the case. From games that have been adapted to be playable by the blind, to mainstream games that the blind figure out how to play without modifications, the blind are definitely a part of the video gaming world.
I myself just started playing a game online called Kingdom of Loathing, and when I was a PC user, I played games all the time.
So the question is what kind of games are out there, and where can you get them. I think the best place to start is a visit to a site called audiogames.net. Their database includes hundreds of games, many of which are free. The categories also range from fun word and card games to first person shooter and strategy games. All the games that are listed on this site are designed to be playable by the blind.
As I mentioned, when I was using a PC I played lots of these games. Here are a couple of my favorites.
Spoonbill software offers…Post a CommentRead More »

Windows Mail with JAWS

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010This guide, written by David Bailes explains Windows Mail, the email program for Windows Vista.Windows Mail is similar in many ways to Outlook Express, which runs under Windows XP. Two of the main changes are:There are now Junk E-mail and Phishing filters, which are described in the Unwanted messages section.
The Address Book in Outlook Express has been replaced by Windows Contacts, which is described in the Windows Contacts section.Click this link to read the Windows Mail Guide.Post a CommentRead More »

Money Handling and Budgeting

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010ImageResource guide with an adapted practice checkbook that helps students learn vital money handling skills. Recommended ages: 11 years and up. Addresses These Topics:Coin and bill identification
Counting money and making change
Basic employment strategies
Banking skills (e.g., paying bills, acquiring loans, using savings accounts, etc.)
Handling money in simulated and actual daily living situationsMoney Handling and Budgeting:

Print Edition:
Catalog Number: 1-83080-00

Braille Edition:
Catalog Number: 1-83081-00

To Reorder Consumable Items

Complete Adapted Practice Checkbook only:
Catalog Number: 1-03501-00

Bound Practice Checks/Deposit Tickets only (pack of 5):
Catalog Number: 1-03502-00
Click this link to purchase Money Handling and Budgeting.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
E-mail: info@aph.org
Web site: http://ww…Post a CommentRead More »

Share Files Over Miles

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010FilesOverMiles is a direct file sharing tool for quickly and securely sending files over the internet. There is no installation or sign up and transferred files are not stored anywhere.To start, simply choose the file on your computer and FilesOverMiles will generate a web URL for the transfer. Copy the link and forward it to any one you want. When the recipient clicks the URL the file transfer will begin. Ans since, the file transfer is direct in that case both sender and receiver should be online.Features include:Browser to browser p2p file transfer.
Sent as many files as you like.
Files are not stored during the transfer.
The connection between users is secure and encrypted.
No restrictions on file size or bandwidth.
Both sender and receiver MUST be online.
Free, no sign up needed.Click this link to share files with http://www.filesovermiles.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Windows Explorer 7 Guide for JAWS

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010This guide, written by David Bailes, explains Windows Explorer on Windows 7. Its uses include browsing or searching the contents of disks, folders and libraries, opening files, deleting files and folders, renaming them, copying and moving them around, and creating new folders. One way of opening Windows Explorer is to press Windows Key+E, and other ways are described later in the guide. This is a must read for anyone who is using the JAWS screen reader!

Click this link to read the Windows Explorer (7) Guide.Post a CommentRead More »

The Pooch Power Shovel

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010If your backyard is starting to look like a minefield of dog poop, you’re going to need something a little stronger than a shovel. Something with power. Something like the Pooch Power Shovel.
This device is basically a dog poop sucking vacuum on a stick. You open it up, thread a bag through the nozzle, and suck up some dog business. The “good stuff” goes neatly into the biodegrable bag, which you can change without getting your hands dirty. No need to bend down or scoop; just push the button and the rechargeable battery does the work for you.
It doesn’t matter if you own a single Chihuahua or multiple large breed canines, the robust motor and rechargeable battery can pick up a whole yard’s worth of waste in one go. Plus, it removes the waste from virtually any surface without you ever having to get close to it.

Purchase the Pooch Power Shovel from PetPowerProducts.

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Taskbar (7) Guide for Users of JAWS

ByMichael McCarty-August 30, 2010This is a guide to the taskbar on Windows 7 written by David Bailes. The taskbar is a thin bar that normally runs across the bottom of the screen, and contains:The Start button, which opens the Start menu. From this menu you can open programs, Control Panel items, common locations, and files, and you can also shut down the computer, log off, etc.
A group of taskbar buttons, which can be used for opening programs, and switching between open windows.
The Notification area, which contains a clock and a number of icons which represent background programs or services.
Show Desktop button. The large area of the screen which isn’t taken up with the taskbar is known as the desktop, and normally contains a few shortcuts. Program windows are displayed in this area, and so either partially or completely hide the desktop. If you press this button (Windows Key + D), then all open windows are minimized, and the desktop becomes the focus.The new features in the Windows 7 taskbar include:Jum…Post a CommentRead More »

Technology Assistance Available from the Chicago Lighthouse National Help Desk

ByMichael McCarty-August 27, 2010The Chicago Lighthouse’s National HelpDesk is an assistive technology support line that helps visually impaired people successfully resolve computer problems.The Help Desk, operated by Ray Campbell, who is totally blind, has served people in 48 states, six Canadian provinces, China, South Africa and New Zealand. More than 2000 calls have been received. The service was made possible in April 2005 when The Chicago Lighthouse successfully matched a $41,000 grant from The Boeing Company. If an issue can not be resolved over the phone, an on-site visit can be scheduled with customers residing in the Chicago metropolitan area.For more information, contact:

Ray Campbell, Help Desk Technician
Toll Free: 888-825-0080 (voice/Relay)
Phone: 312-997-3651 (Voice/Relay)
Email: ray.campbell@chicagolighthouse.org
AIM Screen Name: tclhelpPost a CommentRead More »

Prius Offers Optional Noise to Alert Pedestrians

ByMichael McCarty-August 27, 2010Most consumers want a car that’s quiet on the road. But Toyota’s Prius is too quiet at times, and an optional speaker system will help give the car some of the noise it’s lacking.According to the Associated Press, Toyota will start selling a $148 speaker system in Japan on August 30 that will play sounds under the hood to help it achieve the “same noise level as a regular car engine.”For now, Toyota will only be selling the speaker system in Japan, and the purchase is voluntary. But a Toyota rep told the AP that the company is considering bringing the feature to the United States and other markets.Pedestrians have the biggest issue with the Prius. Many people simply can’t hear the car coming, due to its ability to run in a nearly silent electric mode during most of its drive time.Toyota isn’t alone among automakers looking into how to increase the sound of their hybrids to keep pedestrians safe. Nissan, for instance, plans to include a safety soun…Post a CommentRead More »

How to Activate High Contrast on Windows

ByMichael McCarty-August 27, 2010ImageHow to Activate High Contrast on Windowsfrom wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Are you sick of your old, dull looking computer? Pimp it out! By changing to High Contrast you can give your computer a fresh new look. Steps Windows Go to “Start”. Open “Control Panel”. Open “Accessibility Options”. Go to tab: “Display”. Check mark “Use High Contrast”. Press “Apply”. Mac Press Ctrl, Alt/option, Apple, 8 And the colors will go negative EVERYTHING. Tips You can also press Alt + Shift + Print Screen to turn on high contrast.You can change the look of “High Contrast”, beside the check mark on the “Display” tab you will see a “Settings” button. Then choose your view from the drop-box. Warnings This definitely works on XP and mac osx 10.4 and higher. It may work on the other Windows versions and macs with osx 10.3.9 and lower. It may not be present on XP Pro 64 bit. Re…Post a CommentRead More »

World’s Largest Braille Library

ByMichael McCarty-August 27, 2010The largest Braille library in the world sits at the end of a cul-de-sac, down the road from a Motel 6, in a city with only an average number of blind people. It’s mostly an accident of geography that Salt Lake City is home to the world’s biggest Braille collection: The city’s crossroads-of-the-West location is perfect for a 20-state lending library. But the distinction is also fitting, because in 1931 Utah Sen. Reed Smoot co-sponsored legislation that provided annual federal funding for the books. The Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled celebrated its 75th anniversary Aug. 7.Prior to the Pratt-Smoot Act, special books for the blind were limited and random. Today, a blind person can borrow books and tapes and recorders, mailed for free anywhere in the United States. In a cavernous room the size of a supermarket, the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled holds 100,000 books that have been transcribed into Braille, including a Bible that fills 23 volume…Post a CommentRead More »

Amazon’s Clearence Bin

ByMichael McCarty-August 26, 2010Once again, our friends at BlindBargains.com have found a great resource for saving money. I checked out the site and was amazed at the items available. Here’s what they had to say!”Like many other grocery stores, Amazon inevitably ends up with a stockpile of products which are approaching their sell-by date or that are just taking up space on their virtual shelves. To clear out some of this excess, Amazon offers Warehouse Deals on grocery items, some at pretty drastic savings. The stock changes quite frequently and quantities are limited. For instance, we’d tell you about the 6-pack of Taco Bell Dinner Kits available for $9.99, but we bought the last one. There’s currently 6 bottles of Wish-Bone Fat Free Ranch Dressing for $5.99 or a buck per bottle, but that may or may not be there by the time you read this. But there’ll most certainly be new items to replace these, as the selection is ever-changing. Follow the link on this post and check back often to find th…Post a CommentRead More »

How to Add Your Facebook Stream to Windows Live Messenger

ByMichael McCarty-August 25, 2010You can now add your Facebook updates directly to Windows Live Messenger and share your Facebook updates with anyone you choose. The following steps will get you up and running!Select “Add (Manage Services)” in the right bottom side of the Messenger.
Select Facebook
After selecting “Facebook”, a popup window will open. Choose the options you want and then click “Connect with Facebook”.
Enter the username and password for your Facebook account to login from Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Messenger asks you to allow WLM permission to connect to your Facebook account. Click “allow”.Now you are ready to use Facebook through Windows Live Messenger. Enjoy!Post a CommentRead More »

Surf the Web Anonymously with IP Privacy

ByMichael McCarty-August 25, 2010Online privacy is a hot-button topic. There are numerous services that we use every day that keep track of our IP address. Unless you use dial-up Internet, your IP address is like your real, physical address. It is a fixed address that is associated with you and can be pulled up by web masters. Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around with their home address printed on their shirt, but that is what you’re doing when you browse the Internet.The solution to this is to use a proxy web server. A proxy server acts as a barrier between you and the Internet. When you send a request for information, say, you visit fredshead.info, that request first goes to the proxy server and is then routed to the final location. This disguises your IP address. The only problem is that using a proxy can be a real pain in the butt for users who are not very familiar with how they work.That’s where IP Privacy comes in. This utility enables one-click proxy web surfing. When you first open the…Post a CommentRead More »

Technological Barriers in the Workplace

ByMichael McCarty-August 25, 2010by Donna J. JodhanIt is probably never going to go away but the truth is; disabled employees may always have to face some sort of technological barrier in the workplace. Why is this? Because the evolution of technology is moving at a much faster rate than the development of access technology for disabled users. This is a chronic challenge that disabled persons will probably always have to deal with both at home and in the workplace and it includes both hardware and software as well as access to information. This should not come as a shocker or shaker to anyone who has knowledge of this topic. I will focus my attention on three types of technological barriers: Hardware, software, and access to information. In the case of hardware: The technological barriers may be a bit less in that keyboards are fairly user friendly to disabled persons but when it comes to using such things as touch screen technology and dealing with flashing indicators on phones for example, then these pro…Post a CommentRead More »

My Signature is No Different

ByMichael McCarty-August 24, 2010Imageby Donna J. JodhanIf there is anything in this world that puts me on an equal footing with the mainstream person it is this: Signatures that are almost impossible to decipher. It does not matter you can see or not, at the best of times it is almost impossible to decipher the majority of signatures.When I had vision I learned how to sign my name and according to my mom it was somewhat legible if I took the time to concentrate when I was signing but now without enough vision it is almost impossible for anyone to decipher. There are signature guides that a blind person can use when signing their name but before using this they need to learn how to form their letters. These signature guides are very inexpensive and easy to make if you do not know where to purchase one.Here’s how it works. It is made out of a piece of material that does not slip when placed on a sheet of paper; like rubber or sturdy cardboard. The shape of the signature guide is usually rectangular with a space…Post a CommentRead More »

How to Buy College Textbooks for Less

ByMichael McCarty-August 24, 2010As a blind or visually impaired student, you don’t have the luxury of waiting to purchase your textbooks at the same time as the rest of your classmates. You may need to get that book recorded, enlarged or find a reader for assistance.

College is a big business, and one of the biggest moneymakers for any college are the required textbooks. Nothing hits your party pocketbook like a trip to the campus bookstore. To make matters worse, you get little or nothing when you try to resell your books (even the ones you never opened)!

Don’t take out the extra loans. Justfollow this lesson to lessen the cost of your education.

If you haven’t done so already, get connected with the Talking Book Library in your area. Make sure that you’re all signed up and that you can receive books when you request them.
If you’re not a member of Recording for the Blind & Dyslexicclick this link to sign up or call toll free: 866-732-3585.With more than 109,000 titles in their CV Starr Le…2 commentsRead More »

The Encounter

ByMichael McCarty-August 23, 2010Have you ever wondered what to do when you see a blind person on the street? Should you help them? Should you leave them alone?This cartoon from the Nebraska Center for the Blind has all the answers!Part 1Part 2Post a CommentRead More »

Parents’ Guide to Transition of Adult Children

ByMichael McCarty-August 23, 2010This guide has tools for parents to prepare them for their child’s transition from public school to postsecondary education & adulthood. Includes information about laws that protect parents’ rights as well as the rights of adult children in college.

https://www.disability.gov/resource/parents-guide-to-transition-of-their-adult-child-to-college-career-community/Post a CommentRead More »

Terror at Security Checkpoints

ByMichael McCarty-August 19, 2010by Donna J. JodhanWith more and more security checks being implemented at airports across North America and indeed at major airports around the world, it is becoming scarier for those of us who are blind and visually impaired. I ran into a very scary episode recently at Toronto’s major airport; Pearson International airport. When I got to the security checkpoint, I placed my carry-on bag along with my cane and jacket into the plastic box as instructed but the fun started after I walked through the tiny tunnel. For a better way to describe it, the tiny enclosure that one has to go through before a security agent pats you down. Without any warning, I was told that my bag had to be searched because they found chemicals on it and in addition I had to be given an entire body search. Nothing too out of the ordinary with all of this except for: I felt completely helpless without my cane and I am quite aware that they had to x-ray my cane but what most mainstream persons of the…Post a CommentRead More »

Changing Voice Profiles with Jaws

ByMichael McCarty-August 19, 2010The following tip comes from the Tech Access Weekly blog. It explains how to easily change your voice profiles in JAWS 11.

Click this link to play this audio tip.Post a CommentRead More »

Phone Disk: – iPad, iTouch, iPhone Disk Mode for Mac and PC

ByMichael McCarty-August 19, 2010iPad, iTouch or iPhone Disk Mode is made easy with Phone Disk. Using your standard USB cable, this tiny program runs in the menu bar or system tray of your Mac or PC. When it finds an iPod Touch or iPhone it seamlessly mounts it to your file system so you can directly access its files using Windows Explorer, Finder and every other program.Features include:Preview, open, edit and save images, documents and more directly on the device.
Access the device directly through other programs such as a document editing program.
Mount multiple iPhones and iPod Touches simultaneously
Browse the iPhone in Finder and Windows Explorer
Works with or without jail breaking the device. It’s a simple application that runs in your system tray and won’t clutter or slow your computer.
Fully integrated with OSX and Windows
Optionally, automatically launch program at startup.Click this link to download Phone Disk: http://www.macroplant.com/phonedisk/.Post a CommentRead More »

Two iPad Applications for the Classroom

ByMichael McCarty-August 18, 2010Docs AnywhereAs the name implies, Docs Anywhere allows iPad users a high degree of portability for their digital documents. Capable of reading Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf files, rich text, plain text, HTML, and other file formats, it allows transfer between desktop and portable device using USB and iTunes. Teachers who prefer working on their home machines can very easily transport their work to the classroom on their iPads, which also provides e-mailing capabilities for an added dimension of file preservation.

Click this link to try Docs Anywhere: http://www.deedubsoftware.com/docsanywhere/.Free BooksAny educators with a need for quick reference to 23,469 books (and counting!) should absolutely download this amazing resource. Completely free, not only does it provide access to classic novels, but autobiographies, letters, speeches, and other writings by significant historical figures and recognized geniuses, including the American presidents, works of philosophy by Seneca and othe…Post a CommentRead More »

Talk to Your Friends on Facebook From Windows Live Messenger

ByMichael McCarty-August 18, 2010With the release of Windows Live Essentials beta 2 Windows Live Messenger received a new feature which people have been craving for a while: the ability to chat with Facebook friends. This has been expected as in the previous beta there was some Facebook integration mostly having to do with status updates, but it did show contacts as well. The messenger also has connectivity with many other social networks truly making this a social hub.Directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery you can upload to Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, as well as the company’s own SkyDrive. Then from Windows Live Messenger you can chat with all your friends on Facebook without needing to visit the site. The interface works the same as a regular instant message, so this will feel right at home. A note on how to set up Facebook chat: If you have already connected Facebook to WLM, you will have to click on the Facebook icon on your contact list to edit the connection, and then make sure you place a check by…Post a CommentRead More »

How Being Polite Can Be Insensitive to People with Disabilities

ByMichael McCarty-August 18, 2010Growing up, we are taught that it is not polite to stare at someone with a disability. However, we are so paranoid that we will mess up and stare that we don’t dare even look at the person. As a result, our well intended politeness inadvertently renders people with disabilities invisible. It is a tale of two extremes. Either people with disabilities are stared at or we don’t look at them at all.You have probably witnessed or experienced first hand a child pointing at someone with a disability and asking the adult they are with, “What’s wrong with that person?” Typically the adult responds by grabbing the child’s hand as quickly as possible and then gives a powerful “shhhh”. Now the kid is scared half to death and we wonder where we get the message of how we are to treat people with disabilities.So what could we do? Kids are curious so we should provide them with information and not frighten them. In as simple terms as possible, do your best to explain your perception of the situ…Post a CommentRead More »

The SpamNEWS Blog

ByMichael McCarty-August 17, 2010An antivirus program and a firewall are indispensable tools to keep your data safe and your computer running smoothly. However, no matter how careful you are, new computer viruses and malware find the most peculiar ways into your system.Hackers can exploit holes in your software, you could run into a novel virus before the definitions of your antivirus tool are updated, or you might fall for one of many new phishing email messages. You will never be 100% safe.One precaution you can take is to stay up to date with the latest threats. Learn about the traps before you’re stuck in the middle of one.The spamNEWS blog provides frequent updates on anything that threatens your digital experience. Besides spam, you will also find updates on phishing attacks, security vulnerabilities, or Facebook scams.This news blog relies on several sources for its information, including Sophos, Secunia, MessageLabs, and SecureWorks. It’s the perfect central news resource for the curious, but not overly…Post a CommentRead More »

How to Delete Friends on Facebook

ByMichael McCarty-August 17, 2010ImageHow to Delete Friends on Facebookfrom wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Are you just tired of that friend who constantly bugs you with messages or just spams your Facebook wall? Do you want to “un-friend” him? Here’s how. Steps Method 1 Log into http://facebook.com/. Go to “Account” at the top right hand corner. You can view this any time on any page of Facebook. Go to “Edit Friends”. You will see that you are in the category of “Find Friends”. Click on the category of “All Connections”, just above from “Find Friends”. Here, you will be able to view all of your friends and all the groups that you are a fan of. Find the friend that you would like to delete. Across from your friend’s name, you will see a little tiny “X”. Click on the “X” and it will ask you if you want to delete the connection permanently. Say “Yes”, and it’s done! Meth…Post a CommentRead More »

The Information Barrier

ByMichael McCarty-August 13, 2010by Donna J. JodhanI don’t think that this topic would come as a shocker or shaker to anyone within the blind and visually impaired community but sad to say, it just might within the sighted world. There are so many of our sighted friends and associates who still do not understand when we complain that information barriers still exist for us and that they are very mountainous. The majority of websites are still guilty of not granting us equal access to information. Companies and organizations still continue to send out information in printed formats that are still not accessible to us and reachable by us. Important emergency procedures are still not in alternate formats that we can read and manuals that come with equipment and appliances are still not being produced in alternate formats. For some inexplicable reason, websites continue to offer forms and downloadable files in PDF formats and even our Federal government is guilty of the same. Many websites are still offering…Post a CommentRead More »

New Gaming Trend! iPhone Games You Can Play With Your Eyes Closed

ByMichael McCarty-August 13, 2010ImageThey might be for niche audiences, but the world’s first audio-only iPhone game, Aurifi (or-if-EYE) was released a few weeks ago and the second one, Papa Sangre, is slated to be released in September.What’s behind this new trend in gaming?It isn’t new technology, which is fairly commonplace in the industry, says Aurifi developer Chris Walker of Punk Pie.Walker said they mainly used Apple’s Logic software and plug-ins to create the game, which contains several mini-games in which players use only audio-cues to complete tasks.Instead, like many iPhone-app stories, it’s mostly the new distribution system that’s helping these sorts of apps come to life.Before the iTunes store, designers had to come up with a concept, convince a developer, and secure a publisher. Nowadays, “if we can find a small amount of funding, we can execute the game,” Walker says, which allows for a lot more adventurous developing.Once they’d decided to create an audio only game,…Post a CommentRead More »

Vision Hotels: a UK Not-for-Profit Service for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-August 12, 2010Vision Hotels, which has four AA three-star hotels in Devon, West Sussex, Somerset and Cumbria, has been set up by Action for Blind People to provide accessible breaks, regardless of disability.Each hotel has made simple adjustments – such as wet rooms, textured surfaces, talking alarm clocks and large button phones – to ensure guests can relax and enjoy their stay.The individual hotels have been open for some time, but it is only now that they are being branded as Vision Hotels. They include the 47-bedroom Cliffden hotel in Teignmouth, Devon; the 37-bedroom Lauriston hotel, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset; 40-bedroom Russell hotel, Aldwick, West Sussex; and the 28-bedroom Windermere Manor, Windermere, Cumbria.Bookings can be made by contacting the individual hotels directly or via the first fully accessible website and booking system at http://www.visionhotels.co.uk.Post a CommentRead More »

Giving And Receiving Directions; While Walking With A Sighted Guide

ByMichael McCarty-August 11, 2010Instead of allowing others to grab onto you while you are walking with them, you will find that it is both safer and more comfortable for you to hold onto their arm. Let others know that this is your preference and demonstrate for them how this technique works. Grasp their arm above the elbow gently but firmly. Walk slightly behind them so that you can follow their motions. Let them know that physical cues are usually all that are necessary to signal where they are going and that verbal explanations usually are not needed. Tell others that if they think you might need assistance, they should simply ask if and how they can be helpful. Ask them not to make assumptions about your needs. By making this request, you are asking others for the same courtesy they would extend to anyone.Let people know what type of information you wish to receive. Let them know that specific terms such as “right,” “left,” “north,” and “west” are better than pointing …Post a CommentRead More »

Determining Compass Directions

ByMichael McCarty-August 11, 2010Do you know how to determine north from south–and where the sun is not shining? Because moss grows far more profusely on the north side of a tree than on its south side, if a tree is close by, it is normally not too difficult to ascertain north from south. Useful information, don’t you think, for the blind and sighted alike?

Contributor: Gerry EllisPost a CommentRead More »

Instruction In Music from NLS

ByMichael McCarty-August 11, 2010Audio-recordings available from the Talking Books Collection of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) include a set of cassette tapes with instructions to use when teaching or learning chording on a keyboard instrument. These tell you a bit about the keyboard and include some basic melodies you can play. The cassettes are recorded in a slow-speed format with four monophonic tracks each. Please note that specialized playback equipment is needed to listen to these recordings.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)
Toll Free: 800-424-8567
Email: nls@loc.gov
Web: http://www.loc.gov/nls

Contributor: Fred GissoniPost a CommentRead More »

Riding Escalators

ByMichael McCarty-August 11, 2010Riding escalators can be tricky. Putting your hand about 12 inches forward on the moving rail is a way to give yourself better stability–and it will also help you in getting information about when the escalator is approaching the top or bottom so you will be prepared to step off. This method also provides more stability than using the arm of a sighted person when riding an escalator.

Contributor: David MurrellPost a CommentRead More »

NFB Newsline

ByMichael McCarty-August 10, 2010Do you know about NFB-NEWSLINE, the free service that gives print-disabled individuals anytime, anywhere access to over three hundred publications and wire feeds, as well as TV listings? With NFB-NEWSLINE, subscribers can easily and independently access the vital information contained in newspapers and magazines, and become aware of news and events from around the world and in their own hometowns. Subscribers can read their favorite publications in a variety of ways, allowing for their preferences and technological ability. Subscribers can access NFB-NEWSLINE on the phone, by e-mail delivery, via the Web, or by download to a digital talking-book player or MP3-playing device. The national publications available include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economist, Time, Science News, Smithsonian, The New Republic, and Rolling Stone. NFB-NEWSLINE is available to any individual who, due to visual or physical disability, cannot read the printed word, …Post a CommentRead More »

Raymond Kurzweil: Life, Inventions, and Business Career

ByMichael McCarty-August 10, 2010Early lifeRay Kurzweil grew up in the New York City borough of Queens. He was born to secular Jewish parents who had escaped Austria just before the onset of World War II, and he was exposed via Unitarian Universalism to a diversity of religious faiths during his upbringing. His father was a musician and composer and his mother was a visual artist. His uncle, an engineer at Bell Labs, taught young Ray the basics of computer science. In his youth, he was an avid reader of science fiction literature. In 1963, at age fifteen, he wrote his first computer program. Designed to process statistical data, the program was used by researchers at IBM. Later in high school he created a sophisticated pattern-recognition software program that analyzed the works of classical composers, and then synthesized its own songs in similar styles. The capabilities of this invention were so impressive that, in 1965, he was invited to appear on the CBS television program I’ve Got a Secret, where he performed a …Post a CommentRead More »

Vision Had and Vision Lost

ByMichael McCarty-August 09, 2010by Donna J. JodhanVision had and vision lost is the term that I use to describe so many people who were either born fully sighted and have lost it afterwards, or those who were born with some vision but have lost it later on. No matter how you look at it, this type of person has had to suffer so many setbacks. Some people have managed to overcome this great loss and move on but for others they struggle with the loss for their entire lives. For me, I was born with precious little, gained a tremendous amount when I was a teen, and then lost almost all of it a little over five years ago. Many doctors have called my situation unique because there are not too many people who have been able to gain after being born with very little. So in so many ways, I know what it is like to have and lose. For me, it has been one of the bitterest pills to swallow but whenever I think of those who were born with it and have lost it later, it must be even more difficult for them. For the teen, …Post a CommentRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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