Digit-Eyes Converts Your iPhone into a Barcode Reader

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Digit-Eyes Converts Your iPhone into a Barcode Reader

ByMichael McCarty-June 29, 2010Digit-Eyes is a cost-effective and powerful software application (app) that works on the iPhone 3Gs. It is set up so you can use it no matter how much sight you do or do not have. It lets you make text or audio labels you can read with your iPhone. It also lets you point your phone’s camera at a can on the pantry shelf, find the Universal Product Code or European Article Number and find out what’s in the can by automatically and instantly looking the item up in the Digit-Eyes product code database.With Digit-Eyes, no special hardware is required! All you’ll need is the phone you already have, your Internet-connected computer, a package of labels and a regular inkjet or laser printer.The system consists of three parts:The free Digit-Eyes website where you create pdf files of your own Digit-Eyes text and audio labels;
Acrobat, a free product from Adobe Systems, used on your own computer to print the labels;
The app for your iPhone, that allows you to:
scan standard UPC or…Post a CommentRead More »

Visually Impaired People Can Count Drops

ByMichael McCarty-June 28, 2010Easy-to-use acoustic sensor for droppers helps visually impaired people to count drops of any liquid, with any dropper. The acoustic sensor for droppers has a rectangular shape. The sensor area is on the top surface and is marked by a rectangular groove mark, for easy tactile perception. On the bottom surface there is the room for a 9V battery and the product plastic label. The headphone output jack is placed on one side.Put the headphone in your ear and connect the cable to the device, plugging it in the output jack on the side of the device, which will then switch-on automatically. Put the device on a table or a flat surface, with the sensor area up. Put a plastic glass on the sensor area, within the rectangular groove mark. No precision is required, but ensure that the bottom of the glass is placed within the mark. Keeping the glass steady with one hand, start dropping the liquid into the glass with the other hand. Anytime a drop falls into the glass, its vibration is amplifi…Post a CommentRead More »

VA Makes Filing Claims Easier and Faster

ByMichael McCarty-June 28, 2010The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is reducing the paperwork and expediting the process for Veterans seeking compensation for disabilities related to their military service. VA has shortened application forms to reduce paperwork for Veterans. The new forms, which are being made available on VA’s Website at http://www.va.gov/vaforms, include:A shortened VA Form 21-526 for Veterans applying for the first-time to VA for disability compensation or pension benefits. This form has been cut in half – from 23 to 10 pages. It is immediately available to Veterans via Web download, and will be available through VA’s online claim-filing process later this summer at http://vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp/main.asp.
VA Form 21-526b for Veterans seeking increased benefits for conditions already determined by VA to be service-connected. This new form more clearly describes the information needed to support claims for increased benefits.In order to make the claims process faster, VA h…Post a CommentRead More »

Audio Defibrillator for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-June 24, 2010by Jasper HamillShe’s already shown Scotland that blindness is no barrier to becoming a successful DJ … But now Jill Daley has proved the visually impaired can become life-savers as well. The 33-year-old radio presenter has been learning how to use techniques to help resuscitate people who are suffering heart attacks.Staff at Clydebank’s Golden Jubilee hospital demonstrated that defibrillation units, used to treat heart problems by giving electrical shocks, can be used easily by blind people. The machines come with written instructions but also have technology which gives audio instructions, meaning a blind person could use one in an emergency.Jill, who also learned CPR, which is used on heart attack victims, said: “I didn’t have a clue about CPR or defibrillation machines before this. “Now, if someone collapsed, immediately after complaining of chest pains, I would now know precisely what to do.“These skills are important not just for blind people, but for everybody.”…Post a CommentRead More »

Personalized Books

ByMichael McCarty-June 23, 2010Here’s a sweet site I just ran into called MeeGenius. The site contains a library with books for kids that can be read on the site itself, over the iPhone, or through the iPad.The books come with audio playback and word highlighting, and can be personalized just the way you like them. Meaning, your kid’s name can be added to the book story in a snap. For example, you can change the character names in Little Red Riding Hood to the original names in your family and make the story your own.The children’s book reader app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has the same functionality, (audio playback, word highlighting and auto-play). The books are displayed on a digital bookshelf and your child can simply choose his favorite book when the app is launched.Best of all, you can read all the books at the site for free. Or download the iPhone/iPad apps (for a decent price).

Click this link to visit the MeeGenius Library at http://www.meegenius.com.Book By YouNow, if you’…Post a CommentRead More »

On the Way to Literacy: Early Experiences for Visually Impaired Children

ByMichael McCarty-June 23, 2010ImageThis newly revised handbook and series of 18 storybooks contain vital information and activities to enhance the development of literacy in young blind or visually impaired children. HandbookHandbook for parents and teachers addresses communication, hand skills/tactual exploration, concepts, and book experiences. Recommended ages: birth to 5 years. StorybooksStorybooks introduce large print, tactile illustrations, and braille. Illustrations provide opportunities to use finger and hand skills. Recommended ages for storybooks: 2 1/2 to 5 years, except Gumdrop Tree. WARNING for Gumdrop Tree: Choking Hazard — Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision. How On the Way Is SoldThe handbook and storybooks can be purchased separately or as sets. The books in the sets are grouped together for your ordering convenience, and are not sequential in terms of level of difficulty. On the Way Storybooks with Real Objects and TexturesGiggly-Wiggly, Snic…Post a CommentRead More »

Kiddie Records Weekly

ByMichael McCarty-June 23, 2010Welcome to Kiddie Records Weekly, Classics from the Golden Age. Their purpose is to share those classic stories with you and your children, or your grandchildren. Come here to listen to these classics with them. All the past weeks are archived so you can spend quite some time here surfing through this collection. From Roy Rogers to Woody the Woodpecker there are some famous voices to grace your ears with. I remember listening to these kinds of records on my record player, and going to the grocery store to get a new “Peter Pan” record. Sometimes the records came with “Read Along” books. I used to check the records out of the library every weekend as well. I want for my children and their children to be able to share the experience, even if it is through an mp3 file on the internet. They are doing us a great service in preserving what was on these records for future generations. To surf this site you can use the side menu or you can click on the record album c…Post a CommentRead More »

A Text-To-Speech Reader For Public Domain Classics on the iPad

ByMichael McCarty-June 22, 2010As far as iPad ebook readers go, iBooks is probably the most beautiful one, and in terms of design there are far worse looks an aspiring reader app could ape. And that’s just what vBookz did: it took iBooks’ look, adding a few flourishes like ribbon bookmarks, and gave it the gift of text-to-speech.For those who didn’t follow Kindle text-to-speech saga, here’s the jist: authors didn’t think that buying the rights to read their ebooks necessarily gave readers the right to listen to those ebooks. It got messy. But vBookz sidesteps that whole business by including books from the Gutenberg Project, which are public domaine.Now public domain isn’t just esoteric old stuff, it’s good old stuff. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, all of these are in the public domain and included in the vBookz download, and an in-app store lets you seek out and downlo…Post a CommentRead More »

Add Universal Keyboard Shortcuts to Windows Media Player

ByMichael McCarty-June 22, 2010If you use a standard keyboard without media keys, or want universal access to Windows Media Player when it’s in the background, WMP Keys is the perfect plug-in. It sets customized, universal shortcuts for playing and rating WMP tracks.Close down Media Player, install WMP Keys, then open it back up and head to your Options. In the “Background” category in your Plug-Ins menu, enable WMP Keys, and hit Properties if you want to venture beyond the defaults, which generally involve Ctrl+Alt key combos. WMP Keys is, best of all, a free download for Windows systems. Click this link to download WMP Keys from Microsoft.Post a CommentRead More »

Tired of Windows Update Nagging? Tell Windows to Leave You Alone!

ByMichael McCarty-June 21, 2010If you like the convenience of automatic updates but not the irritation of Windows nagging you to reboot your machine, Leave Me Alone! is a simple workaround that requires no registry editing or disabling of Windows update.Microsoft likes to “help out” by installing patches in the middle of the night. That is a good thing. But whatever goodwill they earn with this convenience is immediately destroyed when first thing in the morning a “reboot computer” message appears. And appears… and appears…If you choose Restart Later, it waits about 10 minutes and then pops this screen up again. Argggh!When you run it and click the “Leave Me Alone” button, it temporarily turnsoff the source of these restart messages. It is certain to boost your productivity when the constant nagging starts, reminding you that your computer needs to be restarted for the updates to take effect.Leave Me Alone! is freeware, Windows only. Click this link to download Leave Me Alone!Post a CommentRead More »

Microsoft Tool Helps Developers Create Programs Viewable by the Visually Impaired

ByMichael McCarty-June 18, 2010Microsoft’s Innovation Labs in Israel has made available for download a technical preview of Digital Lens, a tool for developers interested in making their applications viewable by those with certain vision impairments.Digital Lens emulates conditions like color blindness and blurry vision, enabling designers and developers to identify potential user-interface issues and fix them before they release their applications.The tool is available for 32-bit Windows 7 only. Digital Lens also requires users to have an Aero Theme enabled in order to work correctly.Post a CommentRead More »

Blind Insurance Adjuster Has Seen it All

ByMichael McCarty-June 18, 2010by John ChristieMary Jo Seller fills out incident reports for the Schmitt Adjustment Service. She takes general liability, property, and auto reports from insurance companies from as far north as Freeport, Illinois, to parts of southern Illinois/Indiana, and west to Grinnell, Iowa. Whether it involves a minor fender-bender, a fire, storm damage, broken bones and, yes, the neighbor’s dog damaging the pool lining–she has taken the report.Using a tape recorder, Seller records the initial report and then goes back to fill out the necessary forms later on. By using a tape recorder, she gets all the information that the person is telling her on tape and doesn’t have to worry about having the person repeat the information. If she was writing everything down, the whole process would take much longer. If she decided to utilize current technology for the blind, she could easily record her information on the Victor Reader Stream. Seller also handles the run of the mill calls. “If I am not…Post a CommentRead More »

Marking Your Mail

ByMichael McCarty-June 17, 2010One of the hardest tasks for a blind or visually impaired person to do is keeping track of their old mail. At least for me it is. I can have somebody read to me my new mail, but if later I want to read the mail that I left for later reading, I would have to find another person to assist me in finding those again. One way I found to avoid this problem is to open the envelope carefully so that the flap is still in one piece and use this part of the envelope to mark it with a brailler or with the slate and stylus. If for some reason the flap ripped when being opened you can always mark on the envelope itself. I mark the envelope with the name of the sender and the date I opened it (For example: Telephone Company, June 29, 1999). I found that this way I can go back on my own to look for what I need to have re-read again and not waste time trying to look through the pile a second or third time. In addition, once I have prepared my bills to be mailed, but don’t want to mail all of t…Post a CommentRead More »

Let’s Get Linked In

ByMichael McCarty-June 16, 2010by Martin CourcellesSocial media never seems to end. Today, we’ll be talking about a service called LinkedIn. This is sort of like Facebook, but for professionals. Subscribing:As with all social media, you need to sign up for this service as well. So let’s do it. Go to the following link:

http://www.LinkedIn.comIf using the JAWS for Windows screen reader, press INSERT+F7 and then the letter F until you hear “Join Today” and press ENTER. Now, a simple form will show up. Fill out your first name, last name, email address and password. Tab to the “join Today” button and press ENTER. Now, we get to the fun. Yet another new form. Type in the required information and press ENTER on the “continue” button. Information in this area is importantso you can get matched up with your work colleagues. Next, we get to LinkedIn’s way of finding your contacts. I will let you explore this on your own, as each method is different. Or for…Post a CommentRead More »

be-B: Braille Education Ball

ByMichael McCarty-June 16, 2010Danielle Pecora has created the be-B (Braille Education Ball) that allows users (both blind and sighted) to learn Braille letters in a fun and playful way! The ball has 26 magnetically attaching pegs on it (one for each letter of the alphabet). One side of the peg has a Braille letter on it, while the other side shows the corresponding Latin letter. The ball also has 26 indented circles on it, each with a Braille letter. There is a raised line on the side of each peg and underneath each Braille letter on the ball to orient users as to which side is down. The object of the “game” is to match each Braille peg to its corresponding spot on the ball. The toy also has an electronic device in it that “speaks” the letter that is touched on the ball and which emits a chime when a Braille peg is correctly matched with its corresponding letter on the ball. Both fun and educational, be-B is a toy that turns learning into a challenging game that engages multiple senses and enco…Post a CommentRead More »

Shape Board from APH

ByMichael McCarty-June 15, 2010ImageThe revised Shape Board has proportional shapes that contrast brightly against the yellow pegboard. Students learn to discriminate, sort, and classify different geometric figures according to size, shape, color, or position on the pegboard. Also aids in understanding up, down, right, and left.This kit consists of 25 geometric figures and a board with three columns of five pegs. It includes five different shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, and pentagon) in small, medium, and large sizes. Print and braille instructions are also included.Recommended ages: 4 years and up.

Catalog Number: 1-03710-01
Click this link to purchase the Shape Board from APH.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
E-mail: info@aph.org
Web site: http://www.aph.org
APH Shopping Home: http://shop.aph.orgPost a CommentRead More »

Look Up Amazon Products By Size

ByMichael McCarty-June 15, 2010Don’t you hate when you buy an appliance or piece of furniture that doesn’t fit the space you have in your house or apartment? It happened to me with a stove several years ago. I wish I had been able to use this website to help.From the website:“Psizey.com lets you search through Amazon.com products by size. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to find the products that fit your space, be it furniture, home electronics or even large appliances. You can find all the products you need for your new apartment in a size-friendly search environment.”How cool is that? Now, if you’re like me and you’re not sure how to measure that new thing you want to purchase, you will be pleased to know that a measuringguide is available.

Click this link to visit http://www.Psizey.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Burn CD Images with ISOBuddy

ByMichael McCarty-June 15, 2010Ever download a file with a really weird disc image extension (MDF? PDI? B6I?) and no clue how to get at it? ISOBuddy is there for you. It burns or converts nearly any image file, even the Mac-specific DMG.ISOBuddy is as simple to use as it is wide-ranging in its compatibility. Point it at the file you’re sure is a disc, but your system isn’t sure how to handle, and tell it where you want the output file to go, or hit Burn to load it onto a disc. It covers all the super-specific formats put out by specialty burning software, and as stated above, can convert and burn Mac DMG files. Once you’ve got an ISO out of ISOBuddy, you can usually burn it from any burning program you prefer, or use a compress/decompress tool like 7-Zip to view and extract its contents.ISOBuddy is a free download for Windows systems only. Click this link to visit the DVD-Ranger website to learn more about ISOBuddy.Post a CommentRead More »

Free Credit Counseling and Financial Tools

ByMichael McCarty-June 14, 2010When your debt stress begins to spiral out of your control, credit counseling can sometimes be the answer—if you can find a reputable group. CredAbility provides many free services, and are available 24/7 to help you strengthen your finances.Formerly known as CCCS Atlanta, CredAbility.org has long provided ways for you to get financial advice, whether via telephone or at one of their locations in the southeastern US. They even offer live chat on their web site, allowing you to talk to someone instantly and get advice on formulating a plan of action to ease your financial stress. Their services include budget and credit counseling, foreclosure prevention, and housing pre-purchase education. They even offer a number of tools on their website, like an auto loan calculator, credit card calculator, and even a financial dictionary.What further separates CredAbility is that most of their services are free, unlike a lot of the less reputable groups out there that charge upfront fees. They…Post a CommentRead More »

World’s First Talking TV Now a Reality

ByMichael McCarty-June 11, 2010by Andy SennittTVs that can talk to their owners are now a reality thanks to British high-tech company, Ocean Blue Software. Expected in UK stores by the end of the summer, the company’s low cost text-to-speech technology, dubbed “Talk@TV”, is being built into set top boxes from Korean company, Arion Technology, which will be branded and distributed by major retailers in the UK from August.The new set top boxes are like regular Freeview or satellite boxes, but will be able to talk to their blind or partially-sighted owners – advising, via speech technology, the TV programming schedule, for example what’s on and when. Owners will be able to adjust the speed and verbosity of the voice to suit their needs, choose to enlarge or reduce font sizes and change background and text colours. A re-designed and easy to use remote control will also be included.The technology has been developed in partnership with digital TV chip giant, STMicroelectronics, whose processors lie at the heart of …1 commentRead More »

More Video Games Needed for Persons with Special Needs

ByMichael McCarty-June 10, 2010by Donna J. Jodhan As an avid computer games player, I’m constantly seeking ways to scream the message to video game developers that they should be focusing some well needed attention on developing video games to meet the demands and needs of consumers with special needs. When I was growing up it was difficult for me to find mainstream games that I could play let alone enjoy. I remember having to find ways to either invent my own games or ask a sighted friend or family member to help me play. Things have improved a lot since then but I do believe that things could be much better. Before anyone goes off on a tangent, let me define what I mean by making it easier for persons with special needs to play video games. At the present time, almost all of the attention is focused on catering to mainstream players. Those players who can appreciate those glitzy and fancy graphics, those players who have the ability to carry out quick hand-eye movements, players who are blessed wit…1 commentRead More »

Unable to Spot Leaks

ByMichael McCarty-June 10, 2010by Donna J. Jodhan Spotting leaks for me is probably one of the most trying things in my life. A few weeks ago as I was sitting on my bath tub, I was alerted to the fact that there was a leak in my bathroom. You see, my meditation was interrupted by a big fat drop of water that fell onto my head. So, up I got and climbed onto the side of my bath tub to investigate. I moved my hands cautiously around on the ceiling and soon and sure enough, I was right! Two of the tiles on my ceiling were completely water logged and had begun their final journey downward. Now, had I not been assaulted by that bold and presumptuous drop of water, I probably would never have known that such a leak existed and what could have happened is anyone’s guess. Probably, the tiles would have fallen either on me or in my bathroom making a real mess. If I were able to see, chances are that I would have spotted this leak long before the big fat drop of water warned me but that’s life for me. The…Post a CommentRead More »

Accessibility News Service

ByMichael McCarty-June 10, 2010by Tom BabinszkiOne of the best resources on accessibility news on the net is http://www.accessibilitynewsinternational.com. I’ve been reading it for quite a while now, I thought I would share it with you. The site is maintained by Geof Collis, who is in search for all kinds of top quality accessibility news around the clock. Geof compiles and maintains news items on this site, and also publishes a weekly newsletter with the updates, it comes out every Saturday morning, without an exception. This newsletter has saved me valuable time, as I know that everything that’s important and happens in the industry I will hear about it in a week, or even sooner if I check back on the site. I find this service very valuable, and I would highly recommend subscribing to it. To receive the weekly updates, just send an e-mail to: editor@accessibilitynewsinternational.com and ask to be subscribed.

Article Source:
Accessibility Tips and TricksPost a CommentRead More »

Myths about the Blind at Work

ByMichael McCarty-June 10, 2010by Bob BrancoAs we all know, it is quite difficult for a blind person to find gainful and productive employment, not necessarily through his own fault, but mostly because of society. There are many employers who not only feel that the blind can’t compete on equal terms with the sighted on the job, but are also at risk on that job. We know that neither one of these assumptions are true, and thankfully there are people who know what the blind are capable of.Since College, I was employed eight times, and for the most part my bosses weren’t worried about how I conducted myself, because they saw how I handled things on a day to day basis. Having said that, I ran into a problem while working as a receptionist for a construction company. I worked there, without incident, for nearly a year, but then, for whatever reason, the company had to relocate to another building. Suddenly, my job was on the second floor, not the first. Despite how confident I am about new surroundings no matter wher…Post a CommentRead More »

Tactile Paving

ByMichael McCarty-June 08, 2010Tactile paving (also called truncated domes, detectable warnings, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, detectable warning surfaces) is a system of textured ground surface indicators found on many footpaths, stairs and train station platforms to assist blind and vision impaired pedestrians.Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern of “truncated domes” or cones (which are small domes or cones that have had their tops cut off, or truncated) or “truncated bars” detectable by long cane or underfoot which are used to alert people with vision impairments of their approach to streets and hazardous drop-offs. People who are blind or visually impaired are alerted of impending danger from vehicle impact or a grade change. There is a disagreement in the design community and the community of users if the interior use of these bars represents a tripping hazard.Originally instituted at crosswalks and other hazardous vehicular ways by countries like Japan, the Unite…Post a CommentRead More »

Sync and Speak

ByMichael McCarty-June 07, 2010Sync and Speak is an iPhone application that reads Twitter and RSS feeds aloud to you. Are you a commuter? Would you like to be able to catch up with the Twitterverse without straining your eyes, fumbeling around the screen or being conspicuous on the bus? Sync and Speak is your answer. Adding new RSS and Twitter feeds is a snap with the convenient presets for popular feeds. Password-protected RSS feeds are supported. Sync and Speak is offered exclusively via the iTunes Store. Click this link to learn more about Sync and Speak!Post a CommentRead More »

Internet Broadcasting Audio Tutorial

ByMichael McCarty-June 04, 2010Jonathan Mosen and Brian Hartgen have developed The Mushroom FM Fun guys Guide to Internet Broadcasting. This is an audio tutorial that will help get you up and running in the world of internet broadcasting. The tutorial runs for 3 hours 20 minutes, and covers things like:A detailed look at StationPlaylist Studio that shows how to set up and run this software in an Internet broadcast situation. You’ll learn about the benefits of using a mixer, how to cope with requests, how to use cart machines and more. A look at options for getting your broadcast to the Internet, including using facilities within StationPlaylist Studio, using free Winamp tools, or the optional StationPlaylist Streamer.
Using the Sam Encoders with soon to be released JAWS scripts to optimise your streaming experience. A session where you hear all the tools we’ve discussed in action as an actual radio show goes to air. A brief overview of StationPlaylist Creator and how it can be used to make live Internet bro…Post a CommentRead More »

Replay Music from Applian Technologies

ByMichael McCarty-June 04, 2010The Applian Technologies for Blind Users site was created by an enthusiastic user of these recording products for Windows-based computers. Here’s a quote from the page that sums up why people like this software.”Does your streaming leave you screaming? Do your flv files give you flack? Are you at a loss about lossless content? Don’t know a rar from a wav? Does your IPOD give you indigestion? Then Replay Music is the answer. Created with accessibility in mind, Replay Music easily solves all these questions. If you can hear it, Replay Music will clear it. From WMV to MP3, Replay Music gets the Grammy for it’s powerful recognition and capture capability. From Face Book to You Tube, you’ll get flawless digital files of your favorite clips and tunes. Replay Music can provide Artist Track and Album information on thousands of current selections. Building a music library has never been easier. Who knew that a program like Replay Music could be so much fun to use?…Post a CommentRead More »

Tim Cordes: one of the few sightless doctors in the country

ByMichael McCarty-June 04, 2010It’s not uncommon for co-workers to stumble upon Tim Cordes (pictured) sitting in the dark.Cordes is blind.As an infant, he was diagnosed with Leber’s disease, a rare degenerative condition of the retina that gradually steals one’s sight. Cordes still remembers one of the first times he heard someone trying to explain how his impending blindness would affect his life. “Your son can be president of the United States, but he’s never going to fly a plane or drive a car,” an ophthalmologist explained to his parents when Cordes was about 7.He never did fly a plane or drive a car. In fact, when most of his friends in Cedar Falls, Iowa, were learning to drive, a 16-year-old Cordes got his first guide dog, a German shepherd named Electra.But Cordes didn’t shrink from life. He’s now a 34-year-old trailblazing physician who is wrapping up the third year of a four-year residency program with UW-Madison’s department of psychiatry.Cordes has been reticent to share his story, not wanting …Post a CommentRead More »

Audio Darts for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-June 01, 2010Audio Dart Master is the first accessible dartboard designed for home use by those who are blind and visually impaired. The board uses computer and speech technology to enable blind players to orient shots. All menus speak and the board’s online help provides the rules for 12 different games.To start, you use arrow keys to select the number of players (inserting names, if desired) and the game you wish to play. You throw your darts, then go to the board and hit the Change Player arrow. Audio Dart Master tells you to remove your darts and then calls the next player to their turn. There’s a Stats key to remind players what the score and who’s up. The board also has sound affects: when you match an opponent’s round total in “Killer,” (knocking their score back to zero), you hear a scream; getting “three-in-a-bed” prompts a triple “boing” sound. They make the game more fun.Audio Dart Master gives directions; it combines clock-face terms with point value (e.g. 1:00, 18) to help blind p…Post a CommentRead More »

Bill Nye Debunks Top Eye Myths

ByMichael McCarty-June 01, 2010Was Bugs Bunny right? Do carrots really improve your eye sight? Well, not exactly. Eating carrots won’t make you see better than you already do, but Bugs’ favorite snack is packed with important vitamins and nutrients that can help protect vision.This is just one example of a common eye myth that has led to confusion about vision health and proper eyecare habits.To help educate Americans on eye health and debunk common myths, VSP Vision Care has created a series of webisodes called VSP EyeFiles(SM) featuring the iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy. As a scientist, engineer, comedian, author and inventor, Bill is best known for making science entertaining and accessible.His lifelong mission is to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science behind our world.As part of this initiative, VSP Vision Care sent an online survey to VSP doctors across the country, asking them for the most common vision-related myths they hear from their patients on a regular basis.…Post a CommentRead More »

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

ByMichael McCarty-June 01, 2010Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a very real eye problem that affects many people who spend long hours at the computer screen. It is no less an example of repetitive strain injury (RSI) than the strain on the wrist which is often brought on by excessive keyboard activity. In Computer Vision Syndrome the work environment itself can contribute significantly to the problem. Inadequate lighting, harsh fluorescent lighting, glare from windows and sitting too close or too far away from the computer monitor can all exacerbate the condition. The color of the text background and the way in which the contents are displayed on the screen can also be contributary factors.There is a fundamental difference between reading text in print and text on a computer monitor. When reading text on printed material the eye easily focuses on the letters as they are straight lines. On a computer screen this is not the case as the letters comprise a number of pixels or tiny dots which require the eye to con…Post a CommentRead More »

Print Documents in Batches Without Opening Them

ByMichael McCarty-June 01, 2010Got a host of documents to print? Load them into PrintConductor, and no matter what program created them, you can batch print them without opening the various applications they came from.PrintConductor doesn’t require much more explanation. If you’re planning to print the same batch of documents more than once, you can save your queues to a file for later loading. PrintConductor is a free download for Windows systems only.

Click this link to visit http://www.print-conductor.com.Post a CommentRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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