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Let’s Talk Books in the Forums

ByMichael McCarty-February 25, 2010By Peter MarkovicAudioforbooks.com continues to expand its website by adding a discussion forum. The forum will be the site’s centerpiece for discussing all things related to not only audio books but also hard and soft cover books of any genre. Everyone is welcome to take part, be they visitors or members, there are plenty of topics to discuss; audio book reviews, testimonials, general reading discussions, audio book of the month, audio book narrators, hardcover books, media devices and an area for off-topic discussions.Forums are a great place for open discussions for people that have similar interests; it is also a great place to share good and bad reading experiences with others. It can also be very addictive as friendships with other people that share your love for reading and the joy of books. Many people find themselves visiting their favorite forums on most days to keep abreast of the most recent discussions.The growth of internet communities is due in no small part…Post a CommentRead More »

Entombed: An Audio Adventure for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-February 25, 2010Entombed is a large dungeon delving RPG game for the blind or visually impaired. It’s designed to be exciting and replayable — A game you can play for months or years.
Choose from dozens of races and classes to create the ultimate dungeon crawling group. Make use of powerful warriors, cunning thieves, dastardly necromancers and more! Discover hundreds of unique weapons, armor, and magic spells to help you on your way. Through tragedy or triumph your score will be displayed on Entombed’s online score boards for all to admire.
Entombed features the following:
20 job classes to mix and match. Like the strength of the warrior and the subtly of the thief? Combine them into one and reap the benefits of both! Over 350 combinations to try.Over 40 monsters to defeat. From goblins to carnivorous mushrooms to fearsome giants!Challenging boss battles to test your resolve.Multiple dungeon paths to make exploration exciting and unpredictable.25 ever-changing dungeon levels.…Post a CommentRead More »

Shortcut Keys for Internet Explorer

ByMichael McCarty-February 25, 2010Use the following keys for faster navigation with Internet Explorer.Ctrl+N Open a new window on the same folder.
Ctrl+W Close the current window.
Alt+Up Arrow Go up one level.
Alt+Right Arrow Go forward.
Alt+Left Arrow Go back.
Alt+D Move the focus to the address bar, and select the current path.
F4 Move the insertion point to the address bar, and display the contents of the drop-down list of previous addresses.
Alt+Enter Show properties of the selected file.
Shift+F10 Open the shortcut menu for the current selection (which is the same as a right-click).
F6 Cycle through the following elements: address bar, toolbar, navigation pane, file list, column headings (available in Details view only).
Tab Cycle through the following elements: address bar, search box, toolbar, navigation pane, file list, column headings (available in Details view only).
F11 Toggle full-screen mode.
Ctrl+Shift+N Create a new subfolder in the current folder.
Ctrl+Shift+E Expand navigation pane to the current folder.
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Targets of Schemes and Scams

ByMichael McCarty-February 25, 2010by Donna J. JodhanWe are living in a world where schemes and scams continue to spiral out of control. There was a time when one could probably venture to say that seniors and persons who are blind or sight impaired were probably relatively safe from schemes and scams; but not anymore and as we continue to deal with hard economic times, you are going to see that schemers and scammers are not going to discriminate when they choose their targets. Many would probably be shocked if they really knew how often seniors and blind and sight impaired persons fall to those seedy individuals with their get rich quick schemes and scams with smoking mirrors but I am hear to tell them that this is no shocker. As a matter of fact, seniors and blind persons are probably the favourite targets of many schemers and scammers. There was a time when Humanity generally had a conscience but not anymore. The thing to remember is this! There is no age limit to the typical schemer or scammer. They can b…Post a CommentRead More »

The Mystery of Colors

ByMichael McCarty-February 25, 2010by Donna J. JodhanTo many of those who are unable to see colors, the word color remains a great mystery and at best a great desire to discover the unknown. As someone who was able to see colors all my life up until five years ago, I can faithfully tell you that it is practically impossible to teach someone who is unable to see colors what colors look like. This is one of the things that I miss the most; the inability to see colors. One cannot hear colors or smell colors. One cannot feel colors or taste colors. One cannot sense colors or touch colors; but one can see colors if they are able to. I often wonder if there could be a way to teach a blind person what colors are all about but several of my friends who were born with no vision often remind me that colors do not really mean anything to them because they were never able to see them in the first place. For me, colors mean the world to me and will probably always mean the world to me despite my loss of vision. You see,…Post a CommentRead More »

Franklin Bill Reader

ByMichael McCarty-February 25, 2010While there’s little doubt that United States paper currency has gotten prettier, that doesn’t matter much for the blind and visually impaired. If you can’t see the bill, you still can’t tell whether you’re holding a one or a one hundred.The Treasury says that by adding color to some bills, people with low vision have an easier time discriminating between denominations. But a 2008 court ruling found that the federal government discriminated against the blind by not making bills of different sizes, as virtually every other country besides the United States already does.To help ease the way until the United States finally creates accessible paper currency, Franklin Electronics is marketing the Franklin Bill Reader,a handheld device that uses object recognition technology to identify a bill’s denomination and speak the result to the user in English or Spanish.The Bill Reader can identify any paper currency between $1 and $100. It can recognize all current and recent series of bil…Post a CommentRead More »

Keep Track of Congress with RSS, Email or Twitter

ByMichael McCarty-February 24, 2010Unless you watch C-Span twenty-four hours a day it can be difficult to keep up with the many bills that Congress passes in to law. Wouldn’t it be great to find a site that would logically list the bills, and tell you who voted for what? There is a site that does this, and more.Plogress.com is a new project to provide current information on what Senators and Representatives are currently doing in Congress. The site maintains separate blogs, or web logs, for each senator and representative covering what they’ve done, or haven’t done in Congress. You can find out what bills and amendments they’ve sponsored, and what action has been taken on that legislation The best part of this site is that it uses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to track each Representative, so if you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the individual feed for your Representative, and have these updates delivered right to your computer. that’s so cool!If you don’t use an RSS, or…Post a CommentRead More »

Audio Describe Your Photos

ByMichael McCarty-February 24, 2010You’ve probably noticed that, while there’s no shortage of Web services that will showcase photos or videos, not many of them allow you to narrate photos without forcing you to turn them into a video. If you’ve ever wanted to add a voice note instead of a text caption to photos, or narrate a slideshow of your own photos, take a look at Fotobabble.This service allows you to add your voice or sound to photos on the Web so your friends and family can see your photos and hear your voice at the same time.To make use of Fotobabble’s voice narration, you have to host a gallery at Fotobabble. Once you have photos uploaded there, you can record a voice caption or voice note and attach it to the image. You can then share it with friends, either by sending them a link to visit the image or pasting the embed code into your own site so visitors can play it without leaving the page. The service also supports one-click posting to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and over a dozen oth…Post a CommentRead More »

Decorator Full Hallway Light with Sensor

ByMichael McCarty-February 19, 2010Add an extra measure of safety and security to hallways and stairs by making sure you can see your way, even when the area is dimly lit. The Decorator Full Hallway Light with Sensor wires in like a switch and uses bright white LEDs to light the way. The sensor automatically turns light on in the dark. The energy-efficient LEDs will last 20 years. Dimensions: 4 3/16″ H x 1 3/8″ W x 1 5/8″ D

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Tips for Storing Books

ByMichael McCarty-February 19, 2010The ideal place to store books is a pest-free location, like an attic or a garage, as long as those spaces aren’t subject to big temperature changes and are well ventilated. Never keep books in a humid place; the mold that grows in damp places will damage them, along with any other paper-based objects. Don’t wrap books in plastic bags, plastic wrap, or foil, which encourages even more mold.Before storing, check the surrounding areas for signs of insects or mice. Pack books in small- or medium-size boxes or plastic containers, making sure they are weatherproof and moistureproof. New boxes work best. However, you can reuse old boxes if they are clean, dry, strong, and sealable. Skip boxes that have been used for food storage; the odors and residue can attract insects and rodents. Wrap each book in a paper towel or bubble wrap to protect the surface from dirt and residue buildup. Store similar-size books together, either lying flat or standing upright, with their paper edges facing u…Post a CommentRead More »

What Does Your Website Sound Like?

ByMichael McCarty-February 19, 2010DLKW have created the Codeorgan, a programme that can take any website and turn it into sweet music. The Codeorgan works by analysing the ‘body’ content of any web page and translates that content into music. The Codeorgan uses a complex algorithm to define the key, synthesiser style and drum pattern most appropriate to the page content.You know I had to give this a try, so I entered the URL for Fred’s Head. Click this link to hear how the Fred’s Head code sounds. Let’s give the American Printing House for the Blind site a try. Click this link to see what www.aph.org sounds like. Very interesting!

Click this link to see what your favorite website sounds like: http://www.codeorgan.com.Post a CommentRead More »

How to Monitor a Baby with Skype

ByMichael McCarty-February 19, 2010ImageLots of people who are blind or visually impaired use Skype to talk to one another. Why not add this functionality? style=’margin-bottom: 0px;’>
How to Make a Visual Baby Monitor with Skype
from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Ever had Little Johnny crying when you are on the other side of the house and can’t hear him? Here is how to set up a baby monitor on Skype.

Set up a webcam so it records the baby both visually and audibly. Download and install Skype. Create an account specifically for this task. Customize your Skype settings. Go to Tools –> Options Under General Settings, choose “Start Skype when I start Windows” (or whatever your operating system is). Under Video Settings, check “Automatically receive video and screen sharing from…people in my Contact list only.” Under Privacy, check to only allow people in your contact list. Then click on the “Show Advanced Options” button. Select “people in my Conta…Post a CommentRead More »

The Touch of Yarn

ByMichael McCarty-February 18, 2010This excellent beginning knitting book was written by a blind knitter and intended for both sighted and visually-impaired beginning knitters. The instructions are clear, friendly and straightforward; each chapter is followed by a project that allows you to implement what you have just learned. Concepts covered in the book include:Slip knot
Cast on
Bind off
Yarn Over Increase
Elastic or Delayed Bind Off
Knit Two Together (k2tog) Decrease
Purl Two Together (p2tog) Decrease
Installing a Life Line
Reverse Knitting (tinking)
Repairing a Dropped Stitch (Knitting Back Up)
Joining pieces together with:
*Three Needle Bind Off
*Mattress Stitch
KFIB, M1 and modified M1 Increases
SSK and SL1, K, PSSO Decreases
Converting flat patterns to knitting in the round
Picking up stitches
Tutorials on needles, yarn and organizationThe author says: “I’ve spent almost a year writing what I believe is the most usable beginning knitting primer in the world. Why? Because I couldn’t find knitting lesson…Post a CommentRead More »

Internet Your Way to a New Job (JOBONLINE)

ByMichael McCarty-February 18, 2010Just a few years ago, you could upload your resume to one of the top jobs sites, click a few times to apply for some jobs, and consider your job search well underway. Today, that isn’t enough. The job market is increasingly competitive. Hiring managers are overwhelmed with applications – hiring has changed, and job seekers need to be prepared to use all the online job search tools to their advantage. Online job searching often seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be – there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process run smoothly and simply. Author Alison Doyle tells you how to:Create your professional presence online
Market yourself as a strong candidate for employers
Connect with contacts who will help you with your job search
Help prospective employers find you
Use sites like Facebook, VisualCV, and LinkedIn to your advantage This book will provide you what you need to know and step you through the process of online job searching, professional branding, soci…Post a CommentRead More »

Reading Thermostats, Scales And Other Measuring Devices

ByMichael McCarty-February 18, 2010ImageTalking thermometers, scales, calculators, and other devices are available at many stores. Setting thermostats and appliance dialsYou can mark thermostats and dials on stoves, washers, dryers, televisions, and other appliances by placing dots of silicone caulking or plastic on dial settings. The dial is set by matching one of these dots with a dot placed on the backboard above the dial at the “On” location. Place these dots at frequently used settings. These can be used as reference points to estimate other settings. If desired, use a color that contrasts with the appliance to enhance visibility. Two products ideal for marking dials and other household equipment are silicone caulking, available at most hardware stores, and believe it or not, fingernail polish! It can easily be applied in dots and is available in bright colors. This tip is used by special permission from:

Oregon Commission for the Blind
535 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-731-3221
Fax: 503-731…Post a CommentRead More »

Sewing a Seam

ByMichael McCarty-February 17, 2010Sewing a straight and even seam can be challenging for anyone. Here are some tips on how to use electrical tape as a tactile guide.Place the fabric pieces, right sides together, matching the raw edges. Pin the two pieces of fabric together to hold them in place.
Cut a piece of electrical tape and adhere it along the raw edge of the fabric on one side. Because the tape is plastic it feels smooth as opposed to the rough texture of the fabric. It creates a consistent and tactile guide along which to sew.The tape can be reused until it loses its adhesive.Electrical tape comes in a variety of colors so, for people with some vision, color that contrasts with the fabric may be useful. The combination of contrast and touch can make this task even easier.You can find colored electrical tape in local hardware stores.

For more tips on mending clothes and other household tasks, read AFB Senior Site’s article on Keeping House.
Click this link to check out Hadley School’s course, Indep…Post a CommentRead More »

Recycle Your Old Glasses: Give the Gift of Sight

ByMichael McCarty-February 16, 2010According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism). Most of these vision impairments are quickly diagnosed and easy to treat with corrective lenses. Still, millions of people in developing nations are pushed deeper into poverty simply because they don’t have glasses. They can’t learn, because reading is difficult. They can’t work to the best of their ability, because they can’t see clearly.It costs Lions less than US$0.08 to provide a pair of recycled eyeglasses and change someone’s life. For children, clear vision means a better education, healthier development and a better quality of life. For adults, it means greater employment opportunity and economic strength. For seniors it means less dependence on others.Lions clubs collect millions of eyeglasses each year, making eyeglass recycling one of their most popular activities.Imagine if you could help a chil…Post a CommentRead More »

Puppy Tweets Puts Your Dog on Twitter

ByMichael McCarty-February 15, 2010Everyone’s on Twitter these days. Why not use the service to your advantage with either the household pet or a new dog guide.Let’s say you just got home with your new guide and have to leave the house. How’s the new boy going to react? Will he sleep while your gone? Will he bark? Unless you place a recording device in the room you won’t know what happens while you’re away and a lot of time will pass before you discover the behavior.Puppy Tweets attaches to your dog’s collar and whenever your dog moves, barks (or just naps), the tag knows it and sends a WiFi signal to your computer which then sends you a Tweet via Twitter. It comes pre-loaded with 500 different phrases that put a funny spin on whatever activity the dog is doing (instead of “I barked”, it tweets “I barked because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home”. Cute!

Click this link to purchase Puppy Tweets for your pet or dog guide.Post a CommentRead More »

Full Screen Weather

ByMichael McCarty-February 15, 2010As blind and visually impaired folks, we’ve always liked Weather Underground for its no-nonsense, real-time weather info. They’ve released a service called Full Screen Weather that mashes up Google Maps with weather data for nothing but maps and up-to-the-minute weather info.Just point your browser to http://www.fullscreenweather.com, enter your ZIP code, and get browsing. By default the map displays temperatures as measured from stations across Weather Underground’s extensive reporting areas, but you can also switch to Precipitation and Cloud views (you can even play back cloud or precipitation movement over time). In the bottom-left of the window you get an overview of current conditions and a four-day forecast, with links to more extensive forecasts on Weather Underground proper.For folks with low vision, the site is clean, simple, lightweight, and ad-free, which is to say, pretty great.

Click this link to visit http://www.fullscreenweather.com.Post a CommentRead More »

IEP Checklist iPhone Application

ByMichael McCarty-February 12, 2010The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) is pleased to announce the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Checklist iPhone application. The IEP is an individualized program designed to support the educational needs of school aged students with disabilities. This new IEP app helps parents of students with special needs become better-informed advocates by making IEP information easier to access. The IEP app is offered free of charge.Below are brief videos that describe how the IEP Checklist works.Click this link to download the IEP Checklist iPhone Application.
For more information about The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center, please visit http://www.peatc.org or call 800-869-6782.Post a CommentRead More »

Give Us a Chance to Show You

ByMichael McCarty-February 12, 2010by Donna J. Jodhan It is always a pleasure for me to explain to those who have very limited interaction with those who are blind, that as blind persons we can still enjoy life. Yes, we may not have vision; many of us do not have any, and several of us have limited or partial vision. However, it does not stop us from being able to enjoy life in many ways. No, we can’t see the bright flowers, the blue skies, the rising or setting sun, the ocean, and much more! However, we can surely appreciate being able to smell and touch a flower, run our toes through the cool damp grass, appreciate the warmth of the sun, enjoy the singing birds, and so much more. We may not be able to appreciate the graphics and artwork of websites but you know what? We can still enjoy all that others can but we do it differently. By using our other senses. For as long as we can access websites, we will be able to appreciate and navigate like anyone else. For as long as others allow and enable us to…Post a CommentRead More »

Remembering by Touch

ByMichael McCarty-February 12, 2010by Donna J. Jodhan
Written at Easter 2009Now that my vision has been reduced to almost nothing, I often use the touch technique to help me remember certain cherished images. Easter Saturday was a perfect example. When the doorbell rang and I asked who it was, the voice at the other end told me that it was a delivery man with some flowers for me. At first I was at a loss to think who would be so nice to be sending me flowers for Easter but I soon found out. When I opened the door I asked the delivery man to read me the card on the delivery and it was from my dear mom. He quickly noticed that I was blind and asked if I needed him to put it on my table. When I told him no, he then proceeded to describe the flowers to me and a few minutes later as I quietly closed my door the tears came rolling down my cheeks. My dear mom had sent me an Easter arrangement. It was in a darling little basket, and that I could feel but I could not see the flowers themselves. So, after pulling mys…Post a CommentRead More »

Keep Track of Your Children with Squeeky Shoes

ByMichael McCarty-February 11, 2010This is one of the reasons I love posting articles to Fred’s Head. I received this email about a product not designed for the blind, but that could be of benefit to the blind.

Hi,I bought a pair of squeaky shoes for my daughter, primarily to help her enjoy the start of walking. She was a late starter, prefering to crawl until i bought her these shoes. They have a fun squeak in the heel which encourages a heel to toe walking action and now i can’t get them off her! My sister also loved them, she bought a pair for my niece which had the same effect of getting her up and about. A surprising side effect occured with their blind cat who can now hear my niece when she’s on her way to pet him. This got me thinking that maybe these shoes have a benefit to blind or partially sighted parents. I know that when i’m out, i know exactly where my daughter is and believe these shoes would benefit others.I have launched a website at http://www.squeakyshoeshop.com to promote th…Post a CommentRead More »

Fully Accessible Talking Glucose Meter System

ByMichael McCarty-February 11, 2010I received the following via email and wwanted to share it with you.Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC is known in the diabetes industry for the innovative Prodigy products we make along with our high quality, accuracy, new features and affordable cost. Prodigy is the only manufacturer in the diabetes industry to respond to the challenge of producing a fully accessible talking glucose meter system, the Prodigy Voice, which offers a blind or low vision user total independence. Prodigy is honored to be the only company to receive National Access Awards from both the National Federation of the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind for our Prodigy Voice. As Prodigy’s goal is to serve blind patients with diabetes; much of our profit goes back into research & development for more new products towards this end. Statistics show that less than 5% of the blind and vision impaired diabetic community are now using a Prodigy talking glucose meter. It appears that our goals are the…Post a CommentRead More »

Braille/Print Yardstick

ByMichael McCarty-February 10, 2010ImageBoth large print and braille readers can use this yardstick. The yardstick is made of durable white plastic and is drilled for hanging. It has raised-line markings along one edge in 1/4″ increments, with braille markings every inch. Black large print markings are along the opposite edge in 1/4″ increments.Recommended ages: 5 years and up.

Braille/Print Yardstick:Catalog Number: 1-03002-00

Related Product: Meterstick (Braille)
Catalog Number: 1-03000-00 — $14.00
Click this link to purchase a Brailleand Large Print Yardstick.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.aph.org
APH Shopping Home: http://shop.aph.orgPost a CommentRead More »

I’m in a Rainy Mood

ByMichael McCarty-February 10, 2010I don’t know about you, but I love the sound of rain. It can be so relaxing. Add in a little thunder and you’ve got the perfect weather for a night of sleeping.I also like simple websites that do what they advertise. Putting these things together, I have found a wonderful site where I can relax and chill for a little while.Rainy Mood.com plays a 15-minute loop of a rainstorm as soon as you open the page, complete with rolling thunder and a few chirping birds for good measure. The rain sounds great behind music too!

Click this link to visit http://www.rainymood.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Flash Cartridge for the NLS Player, 2GB, Green

ByMichael McCarty-February 09, 2010Flash memory cartridge for use with the NLS Digital Talking Book Player.Not available with Quota funds.

Flash Cartridge for the NLS Player, 2GB, Green:
Catalog Number: 1-02610-00
Click this link to purchase the Flash Cartridge, 2GB, Green for the NLS players.Related productsUSB 2.0 Extension Cable, NLS Cartridge to PC Connection (3 ft.)
Catalog Number: 1-02612-00
Click this link to purchase from APH.

Digital Cartridge Mailer
Catalog Number: 1-02611-00
Click this link to purchase from APH.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.aph.org
APH Shopping Home: http://shop.aph.orgPost a CommentRead More »

Child-guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment

ByMichael McCarty-February 09, 2010ImageThis product consists of an easy-to-use guidebook with an accompanying DVD that follows the assessment of a baby, a young child, and a teenager. The Van Dijk assessment is unique as it follows the lead of the individual learner. Critical to the process is the recognition that assessment and intervention must always occur “hand in glove” and that meaningful assessment guides intervention. This product contains the guiding principle and guidelines to conduct an assessment that follows the Van Dijk approach.
Behavioral StateOrienting ResponseLearning ChannelsApproach-WithdrawalMemorySocial InteractionsCommunicationProblem SolvingIncludes:
Print guidebookAccessible CD with electronic assessment formsDVDChild-guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment: Catalog Number: 7-31001-00
Click this link to purchase Child-Guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 608…Post a CommentRead More »

Sound Adapted Tangle Ball Kit

ByMichael McCarty-February 09, 2010ImageWatch your baby be creative with his/her “first sound ball.” This ball doubles as a teething toy and is great for educational play.Encourages:Spatial development and interactionCreative playGrasping skills for both handsDevelops:Hand-eye coordinationSound localization skillsFine motor skillsInteraction with othersMade of safe, soft plastic material.Note: Interior ball can be removed if desired. Some customer assembly required.Recommended ages: 6 months and up.WARNING: Choking Hazard — Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

Sound Adapted Tangle Ball Kit (3 Balls):
Catalog Number: 1-08111-00
Click this link to purchase the Sound Adapted Tangle Ball Kit.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.aph.org
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The Poetry Tool

ByMichael McCarty-February 09, 2010Here’s a great resource from the Poetry Foundation that allows you to browse first by poets, poems, audiovisuals, articles, and children’s, then by further appropriate subdivisions; under Children’s, for instance, you can browse “Poems to Read,” “Poems by Age,” “Poems by Category,” and “Articles.” You can also look for reading guides, live readings, book picks, excerpts from Poetry Magazine, and more.

Click this link to start using the Poetry Tool website: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/tool.poem.html.

PENNSoundHere’s a site with downloadable audio recordings of the works of hundreds of poets.

Click this link to visit the Pen Sounds website.Poetry Audio Recordings: A Guide to Online ResourcesThis is a guide to selected online resources for audio recordings of poets reading and discussing their work.

Click this link to visit the Library of Congress website to view this poetry resource page.Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes:…Post a CommentRead More »

Blind and Visually Impaired mobile phone buyer’s guide

ByMichael McCarty-February 09, 2010by Emma Tracey
Nowadays, mobile phones are geared up for so much more than calls and texts. For blind or visually impaired people though, only certain devices will be usable. Without getting too technical, here are five things to think about when choosing a handset.
Can I access the phone’s basic features?A mobile phone is totally pointless if you can’t make or receive calls or texts. There is text enlargement software available for those of you with useful vision, Zooms being the most popular choice. Otherwise, it’s about ensuring that character size is acceptable, that the device is well lit and that there is good colour contrast. This information is available online, but hands-on testing in-store is always best. While there, check the phone’s in-built accessibility features, usually found within the settings menue.
Totally blind users will need screenreading software. Talks, Mobile Speak and the iPhone 3GS’s Voiceover are your main choices. Each option will only work on certa…Post a CommentRead More »

FillAnyPDF.com: Greater Accessibility with PDF Forms

ByMichael McCarty-February 09, 2010FillAnyPDF.com is a website where you upload your PDF form and link to it so other people can fill it out and sign it online. No software is needed. Any PDF form can be used, even if it’s not “interactive”, so you can get started right away. You can even invite a group to fill out your forms and track the results. Anyone that collects signatures or filled out forms will find FillAnyPDF.com to be a valuable time-saving resource.Upload a PDF form
Link to it
People click the link
They fill out the form Better than a FaxDo you ask anyone to print a form, fill it out, and fax it back? You can get more forms returned faster using FillAnyPdf.com. Just send them a link and they can fill it out and sign online. No printing or faxing needed and you also bring greater accessibility to those who are blind or who have low vision.Benefits:Forms filled faster
Easier to read
Returned more often
Data can be searchable Click this link to visit https://www.fillanypdf.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Find Free Wi-Fi

ByMichael McCarty-February 08, 2010Looking for free Wi-Fi in your area? Are you preparing for a trip? Well MetroFreeFi.com MetroFreeFi.comoffers a really nice service where you can choose states from a menu, and MetroFreeFi will generate a Notes file for your iPod or compatible notetaker. Drop the files on your iPod or notetaker and you’re good to go!I thought I knew most of the free Wi-Fi spots in Louisville, but the MFF file showed me about a dozen I was unaware of. Some of the notes even detail special procedures for getting a WEP key for particular locations.It’s a free service, and well worth the time. Click this link to find Wi-Fi hotspots in your area: http://www.MetroFreeFi.com.LaptopFriendlyCafes.com“At LaptopFriendlyCafes.com you’ll find your local free wifi and power ready laptop spots. We have over 300 tried and tested cafes listed worldwide whereyou can power up your laptop, surf the web for free and enjoy a coffee.”

Click this link to visit http://www.LaptopFriendlyCafes.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Removing a Stripped Screw with a Rubber Band

ByMichael McCarty-February 05, 2010Almost everyone whose done some DIY project or handled an electric drill have found themselves at one time or another enjoying the ease of powered hand tools, only to apply too much torque and strip the screw clean. Here’s what to do when you’ve stripped the screw and don’t have a specialized extractor kit.The first thing to do is to immediately stop using the tool/technique which stripped the screw. Most of the time, this means switching over from a power tool over to a hand tool solution, as you can better control the amount of torque/pressure applied to the stripped screw.
Switch to a short length screw driver with a bigger head; switching screw head types (Phillips or over to a cross-head attachment) may also work. If you’ve got a screwdriver kit which includes a Torx (6 points) or an Allen (hexagonal), these shapes may give enough grip to remove the stripped screw. Just remember to go slowly, apply as much pressure downward, and abide by “righty tighty, left…Post a CommentRead More »

Think Beyond the Label

ByMichael McCarty-February 02, 2010From the website:Think Beyond the Label is committed to making the business case for employing people with disabilities. We are a partnership of health and human service and employment agencies with federal grants, coming together to build a uniform national infrastructure and approach that connects businesses to qualified candidates with disabilities. Our goal is simple: to raise awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. Employees with disabilities have unique, competitively relevant knowledge and perspectives about work processes, bringing different perspectives to meeting work requirements and goals successfully. Hiring someone who “thinks outside the box” might be thinking too small when there’s an opportunity to hire someone who lives outside the box. Health & Disability Advocates (HDA), a national nonprofit organization that promotes income security and improved health care access for children, people with disabilities, and low-income olde…Post a CommentRead More »

The Windows 7 Magnifier

ByMichael McCarty-February 01, 2010The Windows 7 Magnifier has been seriously updated with tons of new features that should have been included in previous versions of Windows. As larger monitors get more and more popular, a tool like this becomes a must-have for many savvy users. It also makes presentations much more enjoyable for both the presenters and the audients. For people with low vision, it is an indispensable feature! Microsoft finally covered that piece and it’s FREE, built right into the operating system.Simply use the keyboard shortcuts to launch and close the program, to magnify your entire desktop, internet browser, whatever you need.Windows key + Plus to zoom in
Windows key + Minus to zoom out
Windows key + ESC to exit You can also use the Lens option to only magnify an area around the pointer which works just like a real magnifier moving on your desktop, or select thedock mode to show the magnified section at the top of the dock area. You can switch them back and forth using the keyboard shortcu…2 commentsRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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