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Read Your Clipboard Content Out Loud

ByMichael McCarty-November 30, 2009Professional writers often read their work out loud to make sure it flows well and sounds coherent. If you want to kick back and have the reading done for you, then give Speak Clipboard a try.This lightweight, free, open-source app is designed for Windows XP, but you should have no trouble with Vista (and presumably Windows 7) too, just install the .NET 1.1 framework. To make Speak Clipboard talk to you, simply copy text into your clipboard via Right-click -> Copy or Ctrl+C, then fire up the app. You can pause and resume Speak Clipboard or change the reading direction from right to left, all with a single click.This cool tool appeals to more than just writers. It’s a great app to help people with a visual impairment, and a neat way for kids to practice their reading and writing skills.

Click this link to download Speak Clipboard from a CommentRead More »

Luggage Locator: See & Hear Where Your Bag Is!

ByMichael McCarty-November 30, 2009One of my absolute favorite things about flying is the wait at the baggage claim. All those cases and they all look and feel alike! How’s a guy to find his bag in the sea of black bags that go round and round until you’re sick from watching? How about listening for your bag instead.Now you can easily locate your bag from the sea of look-alike luggage. Simply press the button on your remote and the locator on your bag will light up (six flashing LEDs!) and your prerecorded message will play for thirty seconds continuously. You’ll be able to hear it up to 45 feet away! Thanks for solving this problem.

Click this link to purchase the Luggage Locator from the Things You Never Knew Existed website.Post a CommentRead More »

iPhone Screen Projector

ByMichael McCarty-November 18, 2009Cell phone accessibility is getting better but most of us still use the mostly inaccessible type. If you have some vision, this Simple, tiny device will make it easier for you to adjust the settings on your cell phone without straining your eyes.The HypnosEye Projector and Screen Set uses a lens and a mirror to reflect images from your mobile device, which you insert in the tray underneath.HypnosEye works especially well with an iPhone or a Touch, but will also work with any other backlit mobile phone that allows you to adjust the brightness. But rather than use an ordinary mirror which would result in an unclear image, HypnosEye has implemented a special mirror with a reflection agent on top of the glass surface (rather than behind). As a result, you can even show media from your portable device almost anywhere at anytime.Click this link to learn more about the HypnosEye Projector and Screen Set from the Japan Trend Shop.Post a CommentRead More »

Refresh your Dog Guide with Products from Heininger Automotive

ByMichael McCarty-November 18, 2009As a dog guide user, I’m always on the lookout for items that will make our lives easier, especially while traveling for long periods of time. I like the following products, sold by SmartHome, made by Heininger Automotive.The first item is the Heininger Automotive PortablePET WaterBoy, a travel water bowl for dogs, which holds up to 3 quarts of water and will not splash. This WaterBoy container offers both comfort and function, designed to help pets during travel and is highly dependable.

Click this link to learn more about the Heininger Automotive 3059 PortablePET WaterBoy from two is the Heininger Automotive PortablePET PortaBottle. It holds up to 20oz of water and has a flip down bowl for drinking.

Click this link to learn more about the Heininger 3058 PortaBottle from that your guide has water, we need to provide some food. The PortablePet FoodTote is the perfect food and drink container for day-tripping dogs. Just pop off the handle an…Post a CommentRead More »

Provide a Comfortable Bed of Warmth for your Dog Guide

ByMichael McCarty-November 17, 2009Doesn’t your dog guide deserve the very best? Give your dog guide or household pet a nice, large bed to keep warm at night and/or during the cold months of the year, use the Petmate Heated Orthopedic Indoor Pet Bed. It offers a steady stream of heat on a large, rectangular bed made of suede and natural Berber. The larger size of the bed makes it ideal for dogs, but will certainly work for cats as well.The soothing low voltage bed is designed to be used indoors exclusively, and simply plugs in to a standard outlet. It features a chew resistant power cord, totally safe for your pets. The bed measures 30″ Wide, 40″ Long and 2″ Thick.

Click this link to purchase the Petmate Heated Orthopedic Indoor Pet Bed from a CommentRead More »

BookServer Offers Books in Text-only DAISY Format

ByMichael McCarty-November 16, 2009Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive Founder and Chief Librarian, has introduced what he calls his BookServer project. BookServer is a framework of tools and activities that allow for the discovery, distribution, and delivery of electronic books by retailers, librarians, and aggregators. This is done in a way that makes for an easy experience for the reader, on whatever device they prefer. Files are also available in DAISY format.

Click this link to read about and sample BookServer.1 commentRead More »

Wilson Reading System

ByMichael McCarty-November 13, 2009ImageThe Wilson Reading System (WRS) is a research-based reading and writing program. WRS is a complete curriculum for teaching decoding and encoding (spelling), beginning with phoneme segmentation. Unlike other programs that overwhelm the student with rules, the language system of English is presented in a systematic and cumulative manner so that it is manageable.WRS directly teaches the structure of words so that students master the coding system for reading and spelling.Many students who benefit from WRS have deficiencies in phonologic awareness and/or orthographic processing which makes it challenging for them to learn to read and spell without a systematic, multi-sensory approach.The WRS was developed for students in grade three and beyond. It is widely used with upper elementary students, adolescents, and adults.The Wilson Reading System is authored by Barbara A. Wilson and published by Wilson Language Training Corporation. Permission has been granted to APH to publish the braille an…Post a CommentRead More »

Leaders and Legends: Dean W. Tuttle

ByMichael McCarty-November 13, 2009ImageDean W. Tuttle
Inducted 2009
Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness FieldDean Tuttle was born in 1936 in the Belgian Congo where his parents were medical missionaries. After graduating from high school in the Congo, he completed his undergraduate work at Wheaton College, two masters degrees, one in educational administration and one in special education. In 1971 he earned his doctorate in a joint program between the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco State University in Educational Psychology/Special Education. Dean and his older brother both lost their vision due to retinitis pigmentosa. He and his wife, Naomi, have three sons and five grandchildren.After teaching mathematics and science in New Jersey and serving as an itinerant/resource teacher in California, in 1966 he was invited to be the principal of the California School for the Blind. In this capacity he led the school during its difficult but vital transformation into a school for children w…Post a CommentRead More »

Leaders and Legends: Euclid J. Herie

ByMichael McCarty-November 13, 2009ImageEuclid J. Herie
Inducted 2009
Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness FieldEuclid Herie was born in 1939 south of Winnipeg, one of three children of a poor French Canadian farming family. Congenital cataracts resulted in serious vision loss as a teenager, resulting in total blindness by age 40. He earned two undergraduate degrees, a masters in social work in 1965 and honorary Dr. of Laws in 1981, all from the University of Manitoba. He is the father of two children and three grandchildren. Euclid lives in Toronto with Barbara Marjeram, where he occasionally enjoys horseback trekking, white water adventures and sailing.In 1963 he began a career in child welfare at the Children’s Aid Society of Winnipeg. Then he was the Executive Director of the Manitoba Division of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and later of the Ontario Division from 1977 until 1983.As President and CEO of CNIB from 1984 until his retirement in 2001, his masterful hand at the helm …Post a CommentRead More »

Always Hit the Container with the g-Spout

ByMichael McCarty-November 10, 2009How many times have you tried to pour something into a container and made a big mess? It happens all the time for me. I get so tired of cleaning up the counter after I’ve tried to pour something into a container for storage or to put in the trash.The g-Spout is a removable spout/strainer that easily attaches to a skillet, double boiler, bowl or can. Made of high temperature food grade silicone, the g-Spout is microwave and dishwasher safe. The g-Spout was originally developed to encourage the environmentally responsible disposal of cooking grease and oil, and to help eliminate clogged drains and sewers. Fats, Oils and Greases stick to the inside of sewers becoming a blockage and sewage “backs up” into homes, businesses or the street. The g-Spout has become so much more! Customers are suggesting new uses almost every day! It’s great for making cupcakes, muffins, and pancakes without drips or baked on batter; drizzling chocolate, and caramel from a double boiler;…Post a CommentRead More »

What does blind mean?

ByMichael McCarty-November 10, 2009by Donna J. JodhanI truly believe that most of the sighted world has a fixed notion as to the meaning of the word “blind” and I say this based on a life-long experience plus those of several of my fellow blind and visually impaired friends and acquaintances. In a nutshell: the word “blind” is taken by the majority of society to mean that a person is unable to see anything and in addition many mainstream persons would tell you that they have a very difficult time understanding what blindness really means. As a kid growing up in a mainstream environment with two sighted parents and two sighted brothers, I never really gave much thought to this topic except to tell you that from the start I always knew that I was blind because I could not see what others saw. I had a bit of vision that enabled me to see things at a very close range but still things were extremely blurry. I was able to see colors, daylight, and I could distinguish light from dark and some objec…1 commentRead More »

The Blind Are More Exposed to Identity Theft

ByMichael McCarty-November 09, 2009by Donna J. JodhanI am making this observation because, as a blind person, I can see where this particular group is one of the most vulnerable when it comes to identity theft. True it is that seniors and persons with other types of disabilities run a very close second, but please allow me to explain a bit further. As a person with precious little vision, I have to depend on my sighted family and friends to help me navigate through mounds of paper and generated forms and when it comes to filling out those cumbersome online forms that’s a whole new ball game. Each time I need to complete hard copy forms, it means that I have no choice but to share personal and confidential information with someone else and it means that I have to trust that person to keep my information private and confidential. I have to trust that the information I give is what is going to be written down exactly as I wish it to be and that the person completing information on my behalf will not copy t…Post a CommentRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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