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Talk to Your Coffee Maker and This One Will Talk Back!

ByMichael McCarty-September 30, 2009This is the first voice-interactive coffee maker that asks, “Would you like to set the clock or set the coffee brewing time?” and operates in response to your verbal commands.Simply saying, “Set the coffee brewing time,” or “Set the clock,” will prompt the machine to reply, “Please say the time, including AM or PM.” It uses an advanced voice recognition system to identify any time of day you speak, eliminating the hassle of fussing with buttons. The included reusable, dishwasher-safe plastic filter is specially designed to allow the water to thoroughly saturate coffee grounds, maximizing the richness and aroma of coffee. The coffee machine brews up to ten cups at once and allows you to remove the carafe during brewing to pour a cup.

Click this link to purchase The Only Voice Interactive Coffee Maker from Hammacher Schlemmer.Post a CommentRead More »

Eye Glasses Turns iPhone into Magnifier For the Visually Impaired

ByMichael McCarty-September 30, 2009Portable CCTVs for magnifying menus, prescription bottle labels, etc. still cost around $1,000, out of reach for many folks. Eye Glasses, a $3 iPhone app performs basically the same function by taking the camera feed and bumping it up as much as 8 times magnification.Eye Glasses is for the visually impaired, whether aging with failing vision or plain short sighted, squinting spectacle-wearers. Hold the iPhone in front of some hard to read text and the app takes the camera’s feed and makes it bigger: up to eight times bigger! It works with any iPhone, but the close-focusing 3GS will give the best results.

Click this link to learn more about the iPhone app Eye Glasses: a CommentRead More »

Victor Reader Stream Library Edition

ByMichael McCarty-September 30, 2009In the United States, the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) is offering digital books and magazines through Internet download. In addition, the old cassette books and magazines are gradually being replaced by the new digital book cartridges that will be mailed to library patrons. Digital book cartridges are about the same size as a single cassette but the entire book fits on only one cartridge. There is no need to manage multiple cassettes or change sides anymore! NLS will provide free digital book cartridge players to all patrons over the next several years. Readers who want to experience the benefits of the new digital books right away may consider purchasing the Victor Reader Stream book player from HumanWare. This is a pocket size player capable of playing both the download digital books and the new book cartridges. The Victor Reader Stream Library Edition is so easy to use, it is ideal to play the new NLS book cartridges. It comes with a …3 commentsRead More »

BiOptic Driving Network

ByMichael McCarty-September 30, 2009BiOptic Driving Network is a not for profit network concerned with developing/advancing the use of BiOptics for driving. The BiOptic telescope is a useful driving aid for people with conditions that reduce resolution or visual acuity while maintaining the peripheral vision substantially in tact. Such conditions include albinism, nystagmus, cataracts, and corneal diseases, as well as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other conditions that affect the central macular area.A BiOptic is a lens system with a telescope attached to a pair of glasses, above (BTL is below) one’s normal line of sight. This allows a trained user the opportunity to detect objects or movement within his/her driving scene using the wide field of view available through the regular spectacle lens and to resolve fine details such as road signs and traffic lights by glancing briefly and intermittently into and out of the miniature telescopic unit. BiOptic lens systems used for visual assistance in…Post a CommentRead More »

This Game Really Smells

ByMichael McCarty-September 29, 2009ImageThe following information comes to us from the Tails Gone West blog and is reposted for your convenience.Seriously. You can’t win this game if you don’t use your sniffer!

{all pics can be clicked on to see a larger image}

The game is called – as you can see – “Follow Your Nose”, and is one of the “sensory games” produced by Sentosphere. (Note: as it says on that site, you can not order directly from them. You can find a list of retailers on their site, or you can google for others – we ordered ours through Spectrum Educational Supplies in Ontario.)

We were quite excited to get this game, as it’s the very first board game that puts Christopher and the rest of us very nearly on equal footing when playing, and requires almost no adapting — I just need to put the braille words on the cards.

The back of the box looks like this, giving some info about the game (in French, English, and… I *think* that’s German?):

When you open the box, you find the playin…Post a CommentRead More »

Learn Braille With The Swing Cell

ByMichael McCarty-September 29, 2009ImageMessage: I am looking to help a friend with learning Braille. I am totally blind, and have known it all my life it seems, but my friend is having trouble recognizing the dots. My idea to assist him is to use a peg board to make letters and shapes, because I remember doing similar activities when I was in elementary school. Where might i be able to find something like this? I picture a light bright without the light. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.
location: Ohio I think you are on the right track with your thoughts on how to teach your friend braille. The American Printing House for the Blind has a device that you may have used as a child. Swing Cell CompactSimilar to the Swing Cell, but without the base. Smaller and lighter than the original. Helps students understand the relationship between the braille cell and the keys on a braillewriter. Internal storage of pegs. Recommended Ages: 5 years and older.

Swing Cell Compact:
Catalog Number: 6-78041-00
Click this link …Post a CommentRead More »

What Parents Can Do to Build and Nurture Relationships with School Personnel

ByMichael McCarty-September 28, 2009Reprinted with permission from Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS) and from the Kentucky School for the Blind
by Pauletta Feldman and Mary Ann Reynolds (1996)Start early getting to know all the people who will eventually be in a position to serve your child. Network! Start sharing your dreams and let them get to know your child. Then, when you are in a position to work together, there is a good basis for open communication and teamwork. There aren’t a lot of surprises for school personnel and they have advance time for planning programs to meet your child’s needs.
Recognize that school personnel are people too. Good educational outcomes for your child are not just dependent on you knowing your child’s educational rights but also on you practicing good people skills.
Be willing to negotiate and make compromises or tradeoffs. Realize that the tradeoffs you make today can be made up for by different program options in the future.
Be open and listen. Don’t carry a chip on your shou…Post a CommentRead More »

Free and Open-Source Screen Reader for Windows

ByMichael McCarty-September 25, 2009NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) was created by Michael Curran and is a free and open-source screen reader for Windows. It enables blind and vision impaired people to use their computers at no additional cost than the computer and Operating System itself. Started in April 2006, it has grown to become quite usable as a day-to-day screen reader, enabling the user to do most tasks. It is not as stable or as bug-free as some of the commercial screen readers, but since December 2006 the creator has been able to use NVDA full-time as his primary screen reader, finally giving up his original commercial product.Providing feedback by synthetic speech, NVDA allows the user to access and interact with all parts of the Windows operating system, such as:

Browsing the web (with Internet Explorer)
Reading and writing documents with programs such as Wordpad or Microsoft Word
Sending and receiving email with Outlook Express
Using command-line programs in Dos windows
Producing basic spreadsheets in Micros…Post a CommentRead More »

Ebook: Exploring Word 2007 with JAWS

ByMichael McCarty-September 23, 2009Are you afraid of Microsoft Word 2007? Maybe intimidated by it? This ebook walks you through the ribbons and features using JAWS for Windows 10, a screenreader for people who are visually impaired. The author, Toni R. Fraser, has taken the fear out of learning this program. He has a very unique way of teaching Word 2007 that he has not seen any other developer do. He feels his book is easy to understand and user friendly. Download it and see for yourself.

Click this link to preview and download Exploring Word 2007 with JAWS by Toni R. Fraser.2 commentsRead More »

Make a Call in the Event of an Emergency in Your Home, Even If You Can’t Get to the Phone

ByMichael McCarty-September 23, 2009In the event of an in-home emergency, getting to the telephone can be critical to your well being. Ideal for the elderly, those who live alone, those with hearing loss and those who suffer from or who may be prone to illness or injury, the SOS Alert Phone with Pendant will provide the communication needed in an emergency. The phone works as a regular phone with some pre-programmed advanced features that include a talking keypad, talking caller ID and talking memory dial. A large LCD screen displays all of the information pertaining to your calls and can be displayed in English, French, Italian and Spanish. The standard ringer can be adjusted up to 90 dB and a flashing call indicator alerts you that a call is coming in. What really sets this phone apart is the use of an emergency pendant. If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of being unable to reach the phone in the event of an emergency, you can press the emergency pendant to not only answer a call but to call out up to 30 c…Post a CommentRead More »

Which Eyeglass Frames Complement Your Face?

ByMichael McCarty-September 22, 2009First and foremost, you need to determine your face shape. “There is one rule when it comes to choosing the ideal frames for your face: Contrast the frame shape to your face shape,” advises Rene Soltis, an optician and a spokesperson for the Vision Council of America.So if you have a round face made up mostly of soft curves, you’ll look best in angular or square frames. And if you have a more narrow or angular face (resembling a rectangle or a square), opt for rounded styles. If your face is heart shaped, try something delicate, like a wire or rimless style, to balance the narrowness of the chin. And for those with an oval face, you are free to experiment, since practically any style will suit you.The key is to avoid duplication of shapes, because contrast is what creates emphasis and balances your features.Post a CommentRead More »

Download Old PC Games for Free

ByMichael McCarty-September 22, 2009One of the things I loved about DOS games were the simple graphics. Not a big seller in today’s gaming market but for those of us with low vision, a low graphics game can be easier to discovered some sites where old DOS games are still available and some newer titles as well.AbandoniaAbandonia is an index of abandonware, “dedicated to classic DOS games”. Abandonware titles are games (or software) with expired copyright, or games which are no longer supported by the publisher.The site was founded in 1999, when the concept of abandonware was merely two years old. After a few inactive years, it continues to blossom, with new ‘abandoned’ games added nearly every day. At the time of writing, the Abandonia database hosts 1,063 downloadable games and counts a total of more than 100,000 members.Most games get a thorough review, screenshots, an editor rating as well as a user rating. You can browse and download old pc games by name, year, rating and category. As t…Post a CommentRead More »

Tactile Maps Automated Production

ByMichael McCarty-September 22, 2009The Lighthouse, in partnership with the Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, offers tactile maps with Braille legends for visually impaired travelers and pedestrians. This is also a useful tool for mobility instructors.TMAPs cover one square mile centered on a specific street address, or intersection with a marker to show the position of the address.To request a TMAP, send an email (Subject: TMAP Request) to and provide a phone number and street address or intersection. You can also call The Lighthouse at 888-400-8933.Post a CommentRead More »

Watch Documentary Movies Online

ByMichael McCarty-September 18, 2009Love to watch documentaries ? Bodocus is a website where you can freely access and stream over 650 documentary movies. No registration required, just select your movie and watch. Categories include: Anthropology, Biographies, Business, Environment, Foreign, Politics, Health, History, Lifestyle / Society, Mystery, Religion, Science, and Technology.

Click this link to visit is another site that aggregates and categorizes online documentary movies in one place. Choose and stream any documentary for free. Browse films by theme, geographical region, or alphabetically. Get notified about new film additions. Choose between different video sizes (Small, Medium or Large).

Click this link to visit site has an impressive Documentary section. There are almost 1800 documentaries there. For avid documentary fans there is also a latest additions RSS feed that lets you stay on top of all recent additions …1 commentRead More »

Upload MP3 Files To YouTube

ByMichael McCarty-September 18, 2009If you’ve ever tried uploading MP3 files to YouTube, you know that YouTube does not support this feature directly. Until now the only way to upload the MP3 file to Youtube was to convert it into a video file first and upload it as a video file.Now you can avoid doing this and save time by using a service called Mp32Tube. By using this online application, anyone can easily upload MP3’s to without converting anything.Go to Mp32Tube and select an MP3 file and the image that you want to use as a thumbnail on YouTube. Next choose whether you want it to be uploaded to your YouTube account or an MP32Tube account. Click on the “upload” button and wait for the sharing URL. It might take a few minutes before the file becomes accessibleand playable online.Currently, Mp32Tube is free to use. Premium accounts with more features (multiple image and file upload, no waiting times, faster speed) are likely to be introduced in the future.

Click this link to upload MP3 files to Yo…Post a CommentRead More »

Webopedia: Dictionary of Internet Terms and Their Meanings

ByMichael McCarty-September 18, 2009Are you lost with all the new technology and new Internet terms you stumble upon while browsing the web? The Webopedia is the place to look them up. It is an online dictionary of technology related terms and abbreviations including tech acronyms, Internet slang and other terms that were born with new technology. You may search for definitions using the search engine or browse terms by topic like Graphics, Mobile Computing, Open Source etc. Term definition also includes a short history about the term and a list of related terms.

Click this link to visit a CommentRead More »

PenFriend audio labeller

ByMichael McCarty-September 18, 2009Easily record, and re-record, information using this versatile, pocket-sized, easy-to-use product and the self-adhesive labels. You can instantly play backthe recordings anywhere simply using the PenFriend – no computer required.Use to label: food items, including freezer items, film and music collections, household objects or even to organise letters and other paperwork as wellas record shopping lists or leave audio messages.It can also be used as a portable notetaker, record your message and keep track of it by placing the allocated label in a small notebook or in your diary.Use in school to label classroom equipment and resources and pupils can organise their coursework.simply allocate one of the coded self-adhesive labels and record and store your message on the PenFriend. To playback hold the PenFriend over the label- it announces recordings specific to each label
there is no limit to the length of each message
the pen as up to 70 hours of recording time available
ability…Post a CommentRead More »

What To Do When You Meet A Sighted Person

ByMichael McCarty-September 17, 2009People who use their eyes to acquire information about the world are called sighted people or “people who are sighted”. Legal sight means any visual acuity greater than 20/200 in the better eye without correction or an angle of vision wider than 20 degrees.Sighted people enjoy rich, full lives working, playing and raising families. They run businesses, hold public offices, get arrested and teach your children!

How do Sighted People get Around?People who are sighted may walk or ride public transportation but most choose to travel long distances by operating their own motor vehicles, usually one passenger to a car. They have gone through many hours of extensive training to learn the rules of the road in order to further their independence. Once that road to freedom has been mastered, sighted people earn a legal classification and a drivers license which allows them to operate a private vehicle relatively safely and independently.

How do you assist a sighted person?Sighted pe…Post a CommentRead More »

Completely Remove and Uninstall Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger

ByMichael McCarty-September 17, 2009Windows users like to use Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) for instant messaging because the application comes with every installation of the Windows operating system. Windows users can conveniently use it without searching for other IM programs. There are some who hardly use Windows Live Messenger and find it an eyesore in their computer’s system. If you are one of them, the MSN removal/uninstall tool WLMUninstall could be something of interest.WLMUninstall is a simple and standalone program which doesn’t require any installation. Users download the tiny program and execute the file. Click the “uninstall” button and the free MSN uninstall tool will remove Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger completely from the computer.

Click this link for the direct-download of the WLMUninstall application.Post a CommentRead More »

LazLight high Performance Reading Lamp

ByMichael McCarty-September 17, 2009The LazLight was designed specifically for people with low vision, aging eyes and Macular Degeneration. This is not an ordinary reading lamp, but rather, a serious lighting tool. This hand-crafted lamp produces extremely high levels of light that were previously unavailable to the public. It works like a spotlight on your reading surface, significantly increasing contrast and color without any eye damaging “blue light hazard.” With its unique dimmer switch and gooseneck, the light can be easily adjusted to best fit the user’s needs. LazLight inventor Ronald Lazarus has been in the lighting industry for over forty years. He has been involved in all phases of the lighting industry: as the owner of a lighting store, a lighting fixture factory and a lighting agency. He is accepted as an expert witness in general lighting in court. The “LazLight” is made in the USA and comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all parts including the light bulb.

To learn more …Post a CommentRead More »

Disabled is Not My Occupation

ByMichael McCarty-September 14, 2009by Donna J. JodhanA few weeks ago, I went to the post office to retrieve a money gram. For those of you who do not know what a money gram is, a money gram is used to send funds internationally. The sender buys the money gram and is given a transaction number which they then give to the receiver so that the receiver can then go to the post office and present to the post mistress or master. The number is then used to retrieve the funds and, upon successful completion of the transaction, the receiver is presented with a cheque. Nice and clean you say? It is but on this day I had a very interesting encounter with the post mistress. When I presented the number to her, I also had to present personal identification and fill out a form. My friend filled out the form for me and everything was going well until the post mistress asked me: “What is your occupation? Disabled?” Needless to say, both my friend and I were absolutely flabbergasted. I almost fell on the floor bu…Post a CommentRead More »

TURBO 6 Talking Battery Charger

ByMichael McCarty-September 11, 2009ImageTURBO 6 Talking Battery Charger is THE battery charger that tells you what you need to know!Announces the compartment number and charging status of batteries as they are placed in the unitCan announce compartment number and charging status at the press of a button or when charging is completeCharges up to 6 batteries at onceHas two charging compartments for flat 9-volt batteries and four compartments for cylindrical AA, AAA, C, or D cellsBatteries can be charged in any combinationNote: TURBO 6 charges ONLY the following types of batteries:Nickel-cadmium (NiCad)Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)Rechargeable alkaline-manganese (RAM)WARNING: Turbo 6 does not charge any other type of battery! Attempts to charge batteries other than those mentioned above may result in batteries overheating, leaking, exploding, or starting a fire.The NiCad, NiMH, and RAM batteries to be charged in the TURBO 6 can be identified visually, but feel exactly like batteries of the same size that are not rechargeable. To…Post a CommentRead More »

Learning To Use Maps With APH

ByMichael McCarty-September 11, 2009ImageMaps Represent Real Places: Map Study IIntroduces basic map concepts by having students map a classroom and other known environments. Students learn to find objects and to identify map symbols representing those objects. Includes:80-lesson program in print
Tactile, high contrast color maps of various room arrangements, and sheets for student mapping
Large, bright symbols to place on objects in a room, and identical, smaller symbols for mapsRecommended ages: 6 years and older.

Map Study I:
Catalog Number: 1-01130-00
Click this link to purchase Maps Represent Real Places, Map Study I: Complete Kit.American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
Web site:
APH Shopping Home: http://shop.aph.orgPost a CommentRead More »

Patterns: The Primary Braille Reading Program

ByMichael McCarty-September 11, 2009ImageProgram designed for young beginning braille readers, preprimer through third reader level.Word recognition is taught through tactual memory, phonological skills, and syntactical skills. Contains a variety of materials for each level, including: textbooks, posttests, worksheets, and teacher’s editions. Recommended ages: 5 years and up. Note: Some braille versions of Patterns teacher’s editions available from APH are vacuum form books that were transcribed by the Braille Services Guild of California. Complete kits include only the print versions of the teacher’s editions; braille teacher’s editions must be ordered separately.Patterns: The Primary Braille Reading Program: Scope and Sequence Chart (overview)This is an overview of Patterns: The Primary Braille Reading Program, a complete program designed specifically for young beginning braille readers, preprimerthrough third reader level.

Scope and Sequence Chart (Patterns overview):
Catalog Number: 8-78350-00
Clic…Post a CommentRead More »

Greater Access to College Textbooks

ByMichael McCarty-September 10, 2009The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has announced an agreement with the Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC), an initiative of the Georgia Board of Regents and the University of Georgia, to develop and launch the AccessText Network, a comprehensive, national online system that will make it easier and quicker for students with print-related disabilities, such as blindness, to obtain the textbooks they need for their college courses.The AccessText Network is leveraging QuickBase, an online database powered by Intuit Inc., to enable publishers and colleges to effectively combine and share their resources and expertise to meet students’ needs. AccessText Network, scheduled for beta launch in February 2009, will ensure that institutions can more easily obtain information about publishers’ course materials, request electronic text files and use more efficient acquisition and distribution channels. AccessText Network is being funded through donations from publishers C…Post a CommentRead More »

Blind retirees facing challenges

ByMichael McCarty-September 10, 2009by Donna J. JodhanThis is the one segment of our society that so many of us often fail to remember. The blind retiree, and trust me when I say that this group is growing in number. Just picture it! A person works for over 25 years and lives a normal life. That is, he/she lives with normal vision and works either in an office, or for themselves. Then they retire with so many high hopes for happy retirement years but then one day… Their vision fails them due to one reason or another. What is the next step? In a nutshell, a blind retiree is faced with many challenges. First, their world has been plunged into darkness. They can no longer read, write, watch TV, or enjoy the beauties of nature. They are afraid to venture outdoors without the aid of family or friends. They no longer feel that they can enjoy the pleasures of gardening, playing golf, sailing, traveling, plus so much more. In short, their whole world has changed because they have unexpectedly lost their vision…Post a CommentRead More »

The Problem with Warning Signs

ByMichael McCarty-September 10, 2009by Donna J. Jodhan Believe it or not, warning signs play a very crucial and important part in our daily lives. We put them up when we need to warn others of pending danger or perils and we also depend on them to tell us when we need to be aware of something that could potentially harm or hurt us. 99.9% of the time, these signs are very easy to see because they are constructed using extremely bright and garish colors and they are almost always strategically placed so that they are easy to spot. However, there is one huge factor that most of the sighted world still seems to miss and that is: Warning signs have not been taught to speak and before you start to get on my back for saying this I would like to explain by giving you a real example. A few weeks ago when I stepped out of my condominium to walk to the elevator, I was greeted by a strong smell of paint. I immediately knew that the workmen were painting close by but what I did not know was precisely where. I decided to …Post a CommentRead More »

Selecting Noncontiguous Files in Windows Explorer

ByMichael McCarty-September 09, 2009Anyone who has ever needed to use the keyboard to copy multiple files from one large folder to another in Windows Explorer is familiar with the arduous task of arrowing through the list, copying a file, moving to another folder, pasting and repeating. With the help of an earlier Fred’s Head post about Windows Vista keyboard shortcuts, I was finally able to figure out how to select noncontiguous items in a list such as files in Windows Explorer. I have read that this was possible without using the mouse, but was never able to get the keyboard combinations right. Now that I see how simple it is, I am a little embarrassed to admit that it took me so long to master. I thought I would share this information in case there are others like me.The first thing to understand is that it is possible to move through a list of files without highlighting them by holding down the control key as you arrow through the list. When you get to a file you want to select, simply press the space bar with…Post a CommentRead More »

Essential Reference Books for Braille Transcribing

ByMichael McCarty-September 04, 2009The following is a list of essential reference books for braille transcribing. All are available for purchase through the American Printing House for the Blind. For APH Customer Service, call 800-223-1839 or follow this link to the Louis Database of Accessible Materials to order these materials directly.
English Braille American Edition, 1994. Compiled under the authority of the Braille Authority of North America. American Printing House for the Blind. APH Print Cat. #: 7-35931-00, Braille Cat #: 5-35931-00
Instruction Manual for Braille Transcribing, 5th Edition, 2009, Constance Risjord, John Wilkinson, Mary Lou Stark. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, 2009. APH Print Cat #: 7-59882-00

Computer Braille Code Supplement, Flowchart Design for Applicable Braille Codes, 1991. American Printing House for the Blind. APH Print Cat #: 7-24440-00, Braille Cat #: 5-24440-00
The Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science Notation, 1972 Revision. America…Read More »

Listen and Think: Improve Reading Comprehension with APH

ByMichael McCarty-September 04, 2009The content of this classic series is now on audio CDs instead of cassettes. Develop and improve listening comprehension and thinking skills. Advanced levels introduce such concepts as main ideas, summarizing, outlining, and comparing. Each level includes:Introductory material and lessons on CDs250 each of braille and large print Multiple-Choice, Multipurpose Answer Sheets50 each of braille and large print Progress Charts48 plastic crayons and 300 marking pinsRegular print teacher’s handbookRecommended ages: Level B: 7 to 8 years; Level C: 8 to 9 years.Replacement Item:

Simple Multiple-Choice Answer Sheets, (50-pack):
Catalog Number: 1-03680-00
Click this link to purchase any of the Listen and Think collections.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
Web site:
APH Shopping Home: http://sho…Post a CommentRead More »

Sensory Learning Kit (SLK)

ByMichael McCarty-September 04, 2009ImageA kit for use in the development of skills for learners with the most significant challenges.This kit is an extensive set of sensory items and written materials that help the most significantly challenged learners increase their curiosity and develop specific skills. Tools in this kit may be used to help create daily schedules, lesson plans, and alternative assessments for play or functional routines.Kit Includes:SLK Guidebook and Assessment Forms: create appetite lists and determine appropriate arousal states for routines
SLK Routines Book — explains importance? of routines and provides templates
Three assistive technology switches
A power control unit
Multiple appetite items featuring texture, color, and sound for use in the routinesWARNING: Choking Hazard — Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

Sensory Learning Kit:
Catalog Number: 1-08611-00

Replacement Items:

SLK Guidebook/Routines Book, Print:
Catalog Number: 7-08611-…Post a CommentRead More »

The M.C. Migel Library at the American Printing House for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-September 04, 2009ImageOne of the finest collections of blindness related materials in America is coming to Frankfort Avenue! In late August 2009, the American Foundation for the Blind announced that it will transfer the bulk of its Migel Library Collection to the American Printing House for the Blind. The Migel Library, founded in the 1920s, has been described as the largest collection of non-medical research material on blindness in the world. It was named to honor the first AFB Board Chair, M.C. Migel. For many years, researchers accessed the collection at the Foundation’s Manhattan headquarters. AFB decided to transfer the library last spring and sought a partner with adequate facilities, and an equal commitment to preservation and accessibility. APH submitted a proposal, which was approved by the Foundation’s leadership in July 2009.The AFB Migel Memorial Collection will be available to the public sometime in early 2010, following necessary time to inventory, process, and prepare finding aids. …Post a CommentRead More »

Directory of Prison Braille Programs

ByMichael McCarty-September 04, 2009ImageSince the first Prison Braille Forum, which was held in conjunction with the 2001 Annual Meeting, the professionals working with braille production programs in correctional settings have identified the need for a directory of established programs. APH published a directory in 2004 and has recently updated information and released a 2009 edition. This compilation of data on existing prison braille programs will help programs market their services, and it will enable individuals and agencies in need of braille materials to identify and contact potential sources. In addition, anyone interested in starting or improving a program can contact experienced professionals through this directory.A limited number of print copies are available upon request, and the document will be available soon as a free download in a print or braille format from the APH website. Check the website in coming weeks for its electronic release.Post a CommentRead More »

Refreshabraille 18

ByMichael McCarty-September 04, 2009ImageRefreshabraille 18™ from APH is an ideal refreshable braille display and braille keyboard for mobile devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, and PDAs. This small, hand-held unit connects to your mobile device via USB cable or wireless Bluetooth®. Supports common screen readers like Window-Eyes® and JAWS® for the PC and Talks® and Mobile Speak® for mobile phones and PDAs. Fully compatible with VoiceOver for the Mac! It combines an elegant design, reliability, and ease-of-use with a rugged metal case.Features:18 eight-dot braille cells18 cursor routing keysEight-dot braille keyboard inputForward and back scroll buttonsFive-position joy stickAuxiliary space barUSB or wireless Bluetooth connectivityProtected USB charging portRechargeable lithium-ion battery (not user-replaceable)Long battery lifeReversible operation (operate with braille cells away from you or flip so they are close)Includes:Refreshabraille 18 display unitUSB CableCD-ROMQuick Start, printQuick Start, brailleOne-year lim…Post a CommentRead More »

Old-Time Radio Shows and Newsreels Available for Free Download

ByMichael McCarty-September 02, 2009Network radio in the United States really began when the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) assembled it’s first line-up of stations in 1926. The Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting System (it soon dropped the word Phonograph and become the CBS we know today) followed shortly thereafter. NBC-Red, NBC-Blue and CBS, along with the younger Mutual Network, were to dominate the airwaves throughout the remainder of the Golden Age of Radio. In 1943 NBC was compelled by a court decision to divest itself of it’s Blue Network. After the sale, it eventually became the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Network radio provided free entertainment and amused a nation during a decade of economic hardship in the 1930s, and bound the nation together during the harrowing years of the Second World War. (If you’re interested in WWII news broadcasts, may I suggest you visit Echoes of the Past.) In addition to news – the broadcasting of history as it happens – network radio often looked to the…3 commentsRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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