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A Fresh Look at McDonald’s Through Podcasting

ByMichael McCarty-January 31, 2007Did you know that McDonald’s has a podcast? I was browsing through their website and came to a link that said “podcast” and I was really surprised at what I found.”In order to share the real story of McDonald’s, we have created a series of podcasts. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to see and hear first hand what McDonald’s is all about”.You can use special software, called a podcatcher, to “subscribe” to individual programs so that new installments are automatically downloaded when they become available. RSS news readers allow you to automatically retrieve updates and stay current with new content soon after it is published. There are many readers available and most are free. Apple’s iTunes automates downloads and syncing with iPod players. Another free podcast program, Juice (formerly iPodder), works with a variety of portable players. Some popular RSS readers which also support podcasting include: My Yahoo!, Feed Demon, FeedRead…Post a CommentRead More »

Underline in MS-Word

ByMichael McCarty-January 30, 2007Frequent MS-Word users know that Control+U will underline text and spaces. What if you only want the text underlined and not the spaces? There is a keyboard command for this, Control+Shift+W. This command will underline the text, not the spaces between the words. How cool is that!Post a CommentRead More »

15 numbers: An Accessible Audio Puzzle Game for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-January 26, 2007In this game, you have 15 numbers, 1 through 15, on two game boards – the task board and the work board. The task board shows the 15 numbers arranged in a specific pattern that you must match by using the work board. The work board has the 15 numbers mixed up with one empty slot. You use the one empty slot on the work board to shuffle the numbers around to match the exact numeric pattern on the task board. Talk about a brain twister!

Click this link to download a demo of 15 Numbers from BSC Games.Post a CommentRead More »

Free Tetris Game Online

ByMichael McCarty-January 26, 2007Here’s a game for our low vision readers. You can now play a Tetris-style game online for free. The controls are simple and the resolution can be changed for easier viewing.Click this link to play Tetriss online.Post a CommentRead More »

1000 A.D. Strategy Game for the Blind

ByMichael McCarty-January 26, 20071000 A.D. is a free turn based strategy game. Vikings, Chinese, Monguls and other empires using Catapults, Spies, Armies, wage war to expand & become top ranked. You must train troops, build defences and buildings, feed your people, run your country wisely. Play at your own pace. Interact with hundreds of other players. If you’ve been waiting for a turn-based strategic war game, this is it. All that’s required to play the game is a web browser, a free account, and possibly a screen reader. All graphics have appropriate descriptions, and the only aspect of the game which may pose a problem is that warning messages show up in red but are otherwise possible to miss if you’re not paying attention.

Features of the game include:

10 different civilizations to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Choices include Vikings, Mongols, Byzantines, Barbarians, and Franks.
16 different types of buildings to construct including farms, iron and gold mines, weaponsm…Post a CommentRead More »

Using Scissors

ByMichael McCarty-January 26, 2007To teach a student with visual impairment how to hold and use scissors: Put the scissors in your own hand and let the student feel the hand position and the cutting movement (hand-over-hand, student’s hand on top).Let the student hold the scissors and put your hand around the student’s hand to help guide while cutting (hand-over-hand, teacher’s hand on top).Let the student practice cutting on raised line paper until the student is able to cut along the line.Note: Some students’ hands are too weak to cut through two thicknesses of fabric. Let these students cut one thickness at a time. Electric scissors are sometimes helpful. These tips from Carol Woodward were published on the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired website and are made available by special permission of the author.

Laser Guided ScissorsIf the student has some vision and can see lasers, consider scissors with a laser attached. Straight cuts every time! Simply follow the straight line projected …Post a CommentRead More »

Dog Poop Freeze Spray

ByMichael McCarty-January 25, 2007Any dog guide handler will tell you, there’s nothing quite more disturbing than the feel of a fresh, warm, squishy pile of dog poop in your hand, through the barely-there protection of an inside-out plastic bag. But it doesn’t have to be that way. How about you freeze dry the poop before you pick it up? Who comes up with this stuff?Anyway, Poop-Freeze is a poop freezer in aerosol form. I’m not sure just what chemical is contained within, but upon a short spray, will turn your dog’s (or cat’s) feces outer layer rock hard, lowering its temperature to a poop-chilling -62° F and making disposal more convenient. It’s a great companion to a pooper scooper for clean, fast dog or cat poop disposal.

Click this link to learn more or to purchase some POOP-FREEZE for your guide: http://www.poop-freeze.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Navigate Web Pages with the Keyboard

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007Save some eye strain, take a break from the mouse and use these keyboard commands to navigate around web pages.

ALT+Home = Home page
ALT+Left Arrow = Back to the previous page
ALT+Right Arrow = Forward to the next page
ALT+Up Arrow = Scroll page up
ALT+Down Arrow = Scroll page downPost a CommentRead More »

Resources for Wounded Service Members and Their Families

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007Source: Department of Defense (DoD)Wounded Service Members, Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are returning everyday from deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yet, many of them are not returning to their duty assignments, instead, they are recovering at various Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) because of injuries they sustained in the Global War onTerror.CAP is committed to providing assistive technology and support to returning wounded service members. Accommodations are available for wounded service members with vision or hearing loss, upper extremity amputees as well as persons with communication and other disabilities to access the computer and telecommunication environment. CAP is available to provide accommodations toservice members in the following phases:

Phase 1: Recovery and RehabilitationCAP has been working closely with key staff at MTFs to provide information and assistive technology to wounded service members and their f…Post a CommentRead More »

Buttering Bread Fast and Easy

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007If you are having a large get together and you need to make a large amount of bread that needs to be buttered you may not want to spend the whole afternoon buttering each piece.Instead you can microwave the butter for about 20 seconds, stir it and if necessary microwave again at 10 second incraments until melted.Now all you have to do is pick up a pastry brush and paint the bread! This idea also works great for folks who are totally blind, it’s sure easier than dealing with a hard stick of butter. You may want to try this with corn too!

One Click Butter CutterBlind and visually impaired people love technology. We also love to occasionally put butter on things. It’s always the simple yet elegant kitchen technology that impresses me the most. Like the One Click Butter Cutter. It’s technology that is so simple that I can get the drift just by looking at the name, and what a useful product for those of us who have a little difficulty getting the butter to go where it shoul…Post a CommentRead More »

The Good Garbage Podcast

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007In this day of podcasting, I’m always looking for new sources of audio by the blind. A friend of mine wrote me an email to tell me about his podcast and I wanted to share it with you.

Hi Mike,I’d talked to you several months ago about our intention to get a podcast going. Well, Kathy and I have started one and have posted about a dozen episodes (at the time of this letter). I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy it immensely!It’s called Good Garbage, and the link is below. Check it out when you can, and if you think it’s worth disseminating to any list groups you know of, please spread the message!Good Garbage is the doings and beings of Fred & Kathy, including sounds of the world, how-to episodes about the house and garden, and conversations with people about esoteric religion. Thanks in advance for tuning in.


Click this link to listen or subscribe to the Good Garbage podcast feed: http://www.fredkate.libsyn.com.Post a CommentRead More »

Making Braille Erasers

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007Here’s a great tip we received from Beth Newmanon making your own braille erasers.I make braille erasers by using a small golf tee and making the end less pointed by smoothing it out with sandpaper or a file. I then screw in a hook or ring, the kind that is used with wire attached to the back of pictures to hang them. The hook or ring is attached to the end and I then attach it to a key ring or to the handle of a Perkins braille writer. You could also wear it like a pendant on a leather strap with maybe a bead to make it look nice, or maybe on a plastic coil around the wrist?Post a CommentRead More »

Recognize Retinal Problems and Seek Immediate Care

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007Source: Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.comIf you experience sudden vision changes — many floaters or specks, flashing lights, blurred or wavy vision, a dark spot in the middle of your vision, ora sudden vision loss — seek emergency medical care.The symptoms could indicate a potentially serious retinal disorder. Seeking immediate care could save your vision, according to the January issue ofMayo Clinic Health Letter.Symptoms could indicate:

Age-related macular degeneration: This chronic disease occurs when macular tissue deteriorates with age. The result can be blurred centralvision and possibly a blind spot in your central field of view.
Retinal detachment: Although painless, signs of retinal detachment include sudden flashes of light followed by what appear to be spots, specks,hairs or strings — also called floaters.
Diabetic retinopathy: This serious complication of diabetes is marked by swelling of the retina and damage to the retinal blood vessels. Diabeticretinopath…Post a CommentRead More »

Free Legal Music Downloads for Students

ByMichael McCarty-January 24, 2007While the folks at RIAA continue to do battle with P2P file sharing services, Ruckus Networks, Inc. http://www.ruckusnetworks.com, has a better idea. The legal downloading service announced on January 22, they would provide free, advertising supported media for all college students nationwide.Through licensing agreements with major international record labels, as well as thousands of independent labels and artists Ruckus users have access to “more than 2.1 million high fidelity, virus-free music tracks,” Click this link to read the company press release. Premium features include the ability to download unlimited movies and television shows for a monthly fee, and “Ruckus-To-Go,” for transferring to portable devices of Microsoft format, including Creative and SanDisk.Social networking also plays a large part in the Ruckus experience. Users can browse profiles, leave comments, and send playlist recommendations to friends and neighbors.With a mostly-slick inter…Post a CommentRead More »

Foxit: An Alternative to Adobe for PDF Documents

ByMichael McCarty-January 23, 2007We’re all looking for ways to access PDF documents with assistive technology. Until the process gets figured out, why not use a program that can open PDFs but doesn’t take up a lot of room or resources on your computer.Foxit is a free PDF document viewer and printer. It is available for Windows 98/ME/2000/ XP and the 2003 version. It is mainly compatible with the PDF Standard 1.6 program. The first thing I like about the Foxit Reader is that it’s very small in size. The download is only 1.5 MB. Now, I don’t want to downsize the Adobe Reader, but its download size is 20 MB. That’s quite a difference! Foxit is also very fast. When you open the program, it launches in a matter of seconds and without any delays. You don’t have to deal with a company logo, display names, or anything else that might prevent you from getting to the document.Another feature is the text converter. This lets you transfer a whole document into a text file. High security and priva…Post a CommentRead More »

The Last Edit in Word

ByMichael McCarty-January 22, 2007Ever find yourself editing a large document in MS-Word, jumping from location to location, only to realize that you should have done just one more thing at the last editing spot? How annoying is that? To have to go back through the document and find that exact position again. What if we could return with nothing more than a quick key combination, with no searching at all?The next time you need to go back to your last point of editing, simply use Shift + F5. Actually, Shift + F5 will take you back to the previous three points of editing and then if used again, it will return you to where you started). I just love a shortcut through those long documents, don’t you?!Post a CommentRead More »

Lighted Lap Desk

ByMichael McCarty-January 19, 2007The portable Lighted Lap Desk is meant to use almost anywhere – on a plane, on the train, or in bed. Covered in a soft foam microfiber base, you can rest your notetaker, laptop and mouse on it to work, or you can use it to write on when you don’t have a surface near you. The Lap Desk also has a built-in cup holder, a convenient lamp, and it also flips open to reveal a built-in storage area for accessories. Featuring a bright gooseneck lamp, plush leg rest, smooth desktop surface, and plenty of storage space, it’s a great go-anywhere portable desk. The flip-top design latches securely and the powerful cold cathode fluorescent bulb automatically turns on when lifted. The built-in cup holder turns your portable desk into a relaxation center! Lap writing desk measures 23 1/2″ x 5 3/8″ x 17 3/8″ and the storage Approximately 18 1/2″ x 11 1/2″. Lamp uses four D batteries (not included).

Click this link to purchase the Lighted Lap Desk from Brookstone.Post a CommentRead More »

Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm

ByMichael McCarty-January 19, 2007Do you have a basement with a pump to keep the rain water away from your valuables? Have you ever had the pump fail because of your electricity being out due to a storm? I have and let me tell you the results are not fun to deal with.In my first home, my pump had been clogged with some debris and couldn’t suck the water from my basement. The water levels continued to rise and it was only after the carpets were soaked that I checked the pump to find out what the problem was. If I had only had something that could have alerted me to the rising water I could have checked it earlier and prevented the water from getting to the carpet.Now, there is an accessible solution to having to look down into the pump to see if the water is about to flood your home. In fact, you don’t have to have any vision at all to use this product. It would be great for sighted folks as well.Protect your home against costly water damage and dangerous toxic mold by catching water leaks early. Th…Post a CommentRead More »

Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind

ByMichael McCarty-January 09, 2007The Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind is a free, general-interest monthly magazine that is circulated worldwide. Covering a wide range of subjects of special interest to the blind and visually impaired, it features a news section, along with a letter column where readers can seek or give advice–or express their opinions on any subject. For subscription information, contact the magazine by e-mail or phone.

Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind
80 Eighth Ave. Room 1304
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-242-0263
Fax: 212-633-1601
Web: http://www.zieglermag.orgThe Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind can now be read online. The current issue and a growing number of past issues can be read this way, and the magazine can be received via email as well as the traditional formats.Post a CommentRead More »

Nothing but The Fact Check Forum

ByMichael McCarty-January 08, 2007Welcome to The Fact Check Forum, where you can find unusual factoids that are frequently updated and are always interesting. On the main page, you will find the most recently added factoids. There is also a side menu where you will find the sections: Fact Check Forums, Latest Updates, Archived Updates, Contact Us and Search. Fact Check Forums: Here you can chat with other folks about the facts presented here or other theories that people have submitted to be discussed. Latest Updates: This link will take you to the latest updates or the main page. Archived Updates: Here you can find all the other factoids that came before. The archive dates back to 2004. Contact Us: This provides you with the forum to leave them feedback or to ask the site admin questions. Search: This will allow you to search the site by keyword. If you really enjoyed these factoids, you can get them delivered straight to your Inbox for free by signing up for the newsletter. Just scroll down the main pa…Post a CommentRead More »

Learn Braille with the Pac Mate

ByMichael McCarty-January 05, 2007FSBraille Coach is a series of lessons and reading exercises designed to help you learn uncontracted and contracted braille on your PAC Mate BX or QX series,using the PAC Mate’s Braille Study Mode feature and a PAC Mate 20- or 40-cell braille display. It’s a great resource for students or adults who are beginning to read braille and a comprehensive reference tool for users who read braille, but may not use it on a regular basis. To use FSBraille Coach, you must be running PAC Mate version 4.1 or later, as numerous enhancements have been made to Braille Study Mode.Please note that FSBraille Coach is not intended to replace a certified braille instructer or curriculum. It is designed as an aid to enhance the braillelearning experience.The PAC Mate’s Braille Study Mode is a unique feature that provides audible announcements regarding the meaning of the various braille symbols that appearon the braille display. For example, if you encounter dots 1-2-4-5-6, pressing the …Post a CommentRead More »More postsPowered by Blogger

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