The Impressor: Braille Business Card Embosser

The Impressor

Easily create your own braille business cards! Similar to the stamp used by notary publics. The die which embosses braille on your card is custom-made with your information.


  • Easy to use: insert a standard 3 1/2 x 2 inch business card into the embosser.
  • Squeeze – and your card is brailled instantly!
  • Metal construction
  • Acrylic base for one-hand operation
  • Embosses up to 4 lines, 13 braille cells per line

Call us at 800-223-1839 to initiate an order. Then mail us a copy of your business card. We will then call you to confirm your information as it appears in braille.

Catalog Number: 1-03380-00

Message: My office recently found 3 hand-held Braille business card embosserswhich contain the APH logo, which we did not know we had. We do notcurrently have a staff member who can read Braille, thus we do not knowif the information on the embossers is still accurate. Do you knowwhere I could send their imprints, in order to get a writtentranslation? If the imprints are no longer accurate, do you offerreplacements without buying an entirely new embosser? Thanks in advance.
Location: Washington, DC

The easiest and probably quickest way to get a translation of what is on the Impressors you have found is to place a business card in each of them and squeeze firmly. Then, send each of the cards to me and I will translate them and email you the text of each.

So that you know which message goes with each Impressor, you might number both the card and the Impressor that you use to stamp it. It may be that none, one, two or all may be fine.

Once you know your situation, you can have an Impressor modified. You will need to return the entire impressor to us for modification.

Once everyone knows the situation I can give you information about returning any units that may need modifying.

Please send the cards to:

Fred Gissoni
Technical Support
American Printing House for the Blind
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

Impressor Revised:
Catalog Number: 1-03380-01

I hope this gives you the information you need. Note: Impressor or Revision not available on Quota.
Click this link to visit the APH Shopping Site for ordering information on the Impressor.

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