Hundreds Boards and Manipulatives

Hundreds Boards and Manipulatives Kit
These two boards and included manipulative items can be used to help teach basic math concepts. Includes two desk-sized boards made of heavy-duty plastic.
— The Grid Board has a raised-line, 10 x 10 grid outlined in black. Grid is blank and manipulatives can be attached to it.
— The Number Board also has a raised-line 10 x 10 grid outlined in black. This grid is preprinted with the numbers 1 through 100 in large print and in Nemeth Braille. This board acts as a reference to check work placed on the Grid Board and can be used for concept demonstration.
— Included are hundreds of manipulative pieces made of tough plastic and backed with loop material for attaching to the Grid Board. There are two kinds of manipulatives, numbers (1 through 100) and four colored shapes.
Uses include patterning, counting, ordering numbers, comparing numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, graphing data, or using cardinal directions. Recommended ages: 5 to 10 years. Note: Some assembly required.

Hundreds Boards and Manipulatives:
Catalog Number: 1-03105-00

Numbers only:
Catalog Number: 1-03105-01
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Easy Ways to Expand Your Hundreds Boards Kit

If you are currently using APH’s Hundreds Boards and Manipulatives with your students, here are some quick and simple ways to expand its uses and sorting pieces:

Build Pictographs

'My Favorite Season' Pictograph Use the interactive, 10 x 10 raised-line Grid Board to build pictographs. The included sorting shapes (stars, squares, triangles, and circles) can be used to represent data. The photo below shows data from a survey of students’ favorite seasons. Create needed print and/or braille labels for graphing purposes; affix loop VELCRO® brand material to the back of the labels to keep them in place on the grid.

Add More Sorting Shapes

Below are some suggestions for creating additional tactually discernable sorting shapes for your current Hundreds Boards collection:
Photo of Hundreds Board's stars with Feel 'n Peel stickers added

  • Apply tactile stickers to Hundreds Boards’ smooth-textured stars, squares, triangles, circles. For example, “Point Symbol” or “Star” stickers from APH’s Feel ‘n Peel Stickers packages can be used to adapt the shapes.
  • oval rhinestones attached to the Hundreds Board with Velcro Affix loop VELCRO® brand material to the back of inexpensive objects acquired at local craft stores, such as rhinestones or buttons, to create new sorting shapes.

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