How To Cure Eye Cancer Naturally
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How To Cure Eye Cancer Naturally?

There are no phenomenal or miraculous cures for cancer, including eye care,  whether it is natural or any other treatments. However,  there are different ways to treat them.

In modern science the natural cures for cancer are not much considered, this is due to the tremendous growth of western medicine and they are known for their latest and advanced technology in treating cancer. Nevertheless, they can be really harsh on our body leading to different side effects.

Eye Cancer

There are different types of eye cancers. eye cancers are not life-threatening like other cancers, most of them are curable. But, they have this malignant property which may cause tumor growth in other parts of the body. If cancer starts inside the eyeball it’s called intraocular cancer.

The most common intraocular cancers in adults are melanoma and lymphoma. The most common eye cancer in children is retinoblastoma, which starts in the cells of the retina. 

Eye Cancer

Natural Methods To Treat Eye Cancer 

❄️ Ayurvedic cure for cancer 

When it comes to treating eye cancer naturally, we have to depend on the methods of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic cancer treatments comprise a wide range of therapies and herbal treatments. They reinforce and rejuvenate our blood and body tissues for natural recovery.

Ayurveda can determine subtle disturbances in our body and mind from a very early stage of the disease and can also find a cure for it using natural things. 

The major  difference between treating cancer using natural methods is that  they  don’t have any harsh body treatments which leaves side effects, unlike western medicines. Natural curing through ayurveda focuses on the self-healing abilities of the human body by stimulating them. 

Drinking turmeric water or consuming turmeric is an ayurvedic method to prevent diseases,  turmeric is believed to fight antibodies. 

Ayurveda believes the major reason for modern life diseases are the irregularities in our lifestyle and by restoring the body, mind balance we can have a healthy life. 

Ayurvedic cancer treatments

Natural Cure Through Plant Compounds

❄️ Studies conducted on primrose flower

There is a lot of research taking place to treat cancer naturally and the most recent discoveries of treating eye cancer have been based on plants.

A compound called the compound FR900359 (FR), derived from the primrose flower did show the capability to cease the growth of ocular melanoma cancer cells and thus reducing the tumor from further growth.

The major problem we face with the current treatment methods is that,  once they start attacking the targeted cells , it is very  hard to stop the malfunction it causes. The derived compound helps to completely stop the growth of cancer causing cells without damaging the adjacent cells. 

This plant-derived compound works in the infected cells by targeting the corrupted protein in its inactive state without stopping the process for further tumor growth. They also help in the reverse processing of cells from cancerous or tumorous nature to normal cells.

 primrose flower

❄️ Studies conducted on coralberry plants

Another surprising study was conducted on coralberry plants and the scientists have found that they can put an end to the development of eye cancer.

Coral berries are found in Korea and they are already popular for their benefits to prevent asthma, its leaves contain bacteria that results in the formation of a natural insecticide called  FR900359 (FR). This substance inhibits a group of molecules called, Gq protein in the cells.

The scientific study which proved that the FR can completely halt the growth of Gq production even in its inactive state created new turning points , making it impossible to believe that  FR is  effective in destroying both inactive and active tumorous cells. This will help to treat the particular kind of eye cancer called uveal melanoma, where Gq proteins are present.

Even though we have all these research based studies on plants, and scientists are finding  its effect through different experiments  on mice with cancer and cell cultures etc. yet,  we have to go a little further to make sure its effect on humans before using it. 

coralberry plants

Final Words

We know, most malignant cancer can spread from one part of the body to another. So, rather than eliminating and targeting one specific area, the natural cures should work all over our bodies.

Western treatments are painful, causing side effects which we have to bear for a lifetime. We should promote the research in areas of natural cure. They are effective and they don’t have any side effects.

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