How to Build a Large Pill Organizer

I like the idea of a pill organizer. Having a way to keep track of pills is a great way to insure that you always take the right pill at the right time.

Some pill organizers are difficult to use. They often have small doors that are hard for the elderly or physically disabled to open or can be confusing to someone who is blind or visually impaired. Others simply don’t hold enough pills and you find yourself filling the organizer as often as you take pills from it.

Here’s a great way to create a large pill organizer for use around the home. It starts with a trip to your local Dollar Store or other discount store.

You can purchase disposable plastic storage cups that fit nicely into the cups of a muffin pan. With the lid of each cup labeled for a day of the week in large letters or braille, the muffin tin and cups can become a giant, easy-to-fill pill organizer.

Filling this organizer once a week will narrow the opportunity for mistakes while opening and removing pills from bottles.

Seven Day Talking Pill Reminder

The Timex Weekly Medication Manager is designed to make it easy to take medication on time. The timer unit allows for you to choose and set up to four daily reminder times. You can also decide whether you want a visual, talking or beeping alarm. The Weekly Medication Manager has seven daily pill boxes which store in one tray. The tray can be mounted on a wall or cabinet for easier storage. The Program timer reminds you when to take your medications. Each detachable pill box has four dosage compartments.

Uses two AAA batteries (not included) as well as 2 LR44 batteries (included). Limited one year warranty.

Click this link to purchase the Seven Day Talking Pill Reminder from the SightConnection website.

The MedCenter Jumbo Pill Organizer

The MedCenter Pill Organizer is another talking system with each day of the month numbered and colored with either red or green. You can organize your daily dose times according to morning, noon, evening, and night. The entire month can be scheduled so you never have to worry again about what to take and when. The best part is the talking alarm clock will announce the date out loud and when its time to take your pills, up to 4 times a day.It won’t stop till you press the red acknowledgement button. This is perfect for those who have an elderly parent with a visiting nurse situation or if you want to make sure your kids take their Flintstones.

Click this link to purchase The MedCenter Jumbo Pill Organizer from

NOTE: The two talking products in this article have not been tested, so I can’t say if the clock or timer features can be set by someone who is blind or visually impaired.

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