Helen Keller: Selected Writings

Helen Keller dedicated her adult life to expanding possibilities for people living with disabilities throughout the world by working for over four decades for the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). Whether uniting a variety of parties for the standardization of the English braille code or improving the educational opportunities for people with vision loss, her actions reflected her unshakeable belief in the essential goodness of humanity and everyone’s responsibility for creating a better world.

Just in time for the 125th anniversary of Keller’s birth this month, New York University Press and AFB have published the first ever collection of Helen Keller’s writings. The selections in this book are drawn from all periods of her life, beginning with a letter the eight-year-old Helen wrote to William Wade, a Pennsylvania philanthropist who funded much of Keller’s education. Helen Keller: Selected Writings includes excerpts from Keller’s popular autobiography, letters to her family and friends, and the texts of many of her important political speeches.

This book will reveal new sides of Keller to those who know her mostly from The Miracle Worker. Though she was a life-long advocate of people with disabilities, Keller also used her celebrity to promote her social, political, and religious views. Even those who know Keller well will find new material in her journal excerpts and letters to family. Spanning the entire range of Keller’s life, the writings collected here provide a rich portrait of one of America’s best-known women.

The collection also includes an introductory essay by Kim E. Nielsen, professor in the Department of Social Change and Development at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, who edited the book. Headnotes appear with each document, and a selected bibliography of work by and about Keller is also included. The majority of the letters and some archival photographs, all drawn from AFB’s Helen Keller Archives in New York, are being published for the first time.

Whether reading a new book, or typing a letter to one of her friends, writing allowed Keller to connect directly with the world around her. The writings included in Helen Keller: Selected Writings are a testament to the fact that Keller’s legacy is not a historical relic from a past long gone, but rather a body of work that speaks to us powerfully today.

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Helen Keller

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Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan (1930 Newsreel Footage)

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